A Theory of the Hack

A fascinating read of what went on in 2009 ahead of Copenhagen…and it wasn’t “Russian intel services or US fossil fuel corporations”

Climate Audit

Two major new BBC programs, The Trick and the Hack That Changed The World, re-visit 2009 Climategate events on the eve of UK hosting the most recent international climate get-together. I was interviewed by The Hack and mentioned in The Trick as a villain.

In today’s article, I’m going to propose a theory of the Climategate hack that is very different from the grandiose conspiracy of Russian intel services and US fossil fuel corporations that is the prevalent fantasy of the climate “community” and chattering classes. Subsequent to my interview with the Hack That Changed, I’ve re-examined and cross-checked documents and noticed some interesting new connections. I don’t know the identity of the Climategate hacker, but do believe that deductions about his profile (e.g. motivated individual vs paid institutional hacker) can be made more intelligently by carefully examining details of what was exfiltrated and when – as I shall do…

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3 thoughts on “A Theory of the Hack

  1. In late July 2009, in the immediate wake of the “Mole” incident, Phil Jones began deleting documents from CRU’s FTP site, while Climate Audit readers were busy trawling through CRU’s FTP site as the documents disappeared from view. On July 31, Jones reported to university administrators that “people were crawling all over our ftp site” and that Jones was therefore “deleting more stuff from our ftp site” in order to stop people “making up more conspiracy theories”… about CRU deleting stuff from their ftp site

    Hilarious. But of course PJ was ‘exonerated’ by various so-called inquiries.

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