Storm Eunice Update

Moreover the Met Office have only been measuring wind speeds there for a few years, which is why the Needles never used to appear in their weather reports. (I have asked the Met Office for the date it started. They do show wind speeds there for 1998, but it certainly was not mentioned in the Burns Day storm).

Wikipedia states that during the Great Storm of October 1987 “many anemometers stopped recording due to power outages, breakages due to excess wind speeds and measurement maxima being exceeded”. Whilst I’ve not been able to source this it sounds reasonably accurate. What it does say, if Eunice was due to Climate Change, then it’s more of a poodle than a beast. Considering the long history of storms that plague these isles from time to time it far from unprecedented.

“acknowledging the historic record destroys the narrative… [#Netzero]… will do nothing to stop these storms…[co2] does not drive the weather or climate”

“[They were] like the south coast storms of 2013-14, at least once a year for decades,”

Violent Storms are Evidence that Climate Changes – It Always Has

Like many others today, I had a powercut from the winds with an estimated fix expected late tomorrow evening. We are lucky we have a gas cooker. Many don’t due to the utter folloy of the suicidal race to Netzero. I also doubt many of the emergency workers out there today are using electricity, but rather good reliable fossil fuels.

By Paul Homewood   Well I did warn you!       The Needles are a spectacular limestone formation located at the end of  peninsula sticking out into the sea. The weather station is at the Old Battery, 80m above sea level at the top of the cliff overlooking the rocks below: Wind […]

Storm Eunice Update

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