Met Office: Why Storm Eunice was so severe, and will violent wind storms become more common?

The Science™️

This is just like the fun with the polar vortex a few years ago, despite being well known about in the 1970s, but created instant media coverage as “experts” in The Science™️ immediately linked it with 🎶 ominous music plays 🎶 Climate Change. It’s been Sudden Stratospheric Warmings, the Indian Dipole, El Nino or La Nina, wavy jetstreams and on it goes. All linked to whatever is going on; Too wet, too dry, too hot, too cold, too much wind, not enough wind (remember that just a few months ago?). Even when the elephant is not only in the room but has let loose after over indulging on the curry leaves, it all becomes “[insert phenomena] is more likely due to climate change”. When the bandwagon comes to town, any self respecting expert practitioner of The Science™️ is honour bound to jump on board in the vain hope of having their moment in the sun – even if they have no idea where the bandwagon is going which is probably off the nearest cliff. As Hubert Lamb once wrote:

“There are also fashions in scientific work, whereby some theory catches on and gains a wide following, and while that situation reigns, most workers aim their efforts to following the logic of the theory and its applications, and tend to be oblivious to things that do not quite fit.

Weather, Climate and Human Affairs (Routledge Revivals)

Of course now the that Climate Science industry propels the all ‘Clean’ and ‘Green’ HMS Titanic of global economic oppression towards the looming energy crisis iceberg (*coughs by design*), the fashion can be anything under the sun – except the sun itself, because that’s verboten and verboten might as well be a close relative of “He Who Must Not Be Named” in the Harry Potter series as far as practitioners of The Science™️ are concerned. Bad things happen when you say that name. It could 🎶 ominous music plays once more 🎶 have the funding and media coverage dry up faster than the Sahel during low solar activity.

Spoiler: the Met Office wouldn’t ask its ‘more common’ question if it was confident it knew the answer. Instead it turns to its new buzz term: “sting jet”. – – – The UK Met Office has issued two red weather warnings in as many months for strong winds, says These are the […]

Met Office: Why Storm Eunice was so severe, and will violent wind storms become more common?

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