Climate of modern-day Europe mimics the climate of 14th century Europe, say researchers

We want to show that historical climate change can be reconstructed much better if written historical sources are incorporated alongside climate archives like tree rings or sediment cores. The inclusion of humanities research contributes to a better understanding of the social consequences of climate change in the past and to conclude the future

Science, as media, has such a short attention span and poor memory recall they make Joe Biden look like a Tefal egghead. Hubert Lamb was doing this decades ago. Instead of this wise approach, all the money and effort went to theoretical modelling as Hubert Lamb wrote in 1997

Since my retirement from the directorship of the Climatic Research Unit there have been changes there… My immediate successor, Professor Tom Wigley, was chiefly interested in the prospects of world climate being changed as a result of human activities,…After only a few years almost all the work on historical reconstruction of past climate and weather situations, which had first made the Unit well known, was abandoned

Through all the Changing Scenes of Life: A Meteorologist’s Tale
Hubert Lamb

Europe in 1328 [image credit: Wikipedia] Echoes of the Medieval Warm Period here? Long before the spectre of fossil fuel emissions was put forward as a possible climatic factor of course. We already covered some of this here, but as this is a new article let’s have another go. – – – LEIPZIG, Germany — […]

Climate of modern-day Europe mimics the climate of 14th century Europe, say researchers

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