Greenpeace Beclown Themselves



By Paul Homewood

h/t Joe Public

Greenpeace and the Scientists agree:


One slight problem though! The “scientists” were really from the Onion, a satirical website:


Perhaps Greenpeace might like to consult some real scientists next time!

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AGU: Extraordinary storms caused massive Antarctic sea ice loss in 2016

Watts Up With That?

From the “well, if hadn’t been that it would have been global warming for sure” department:

By Lauren Lipuma, AGU

A series of unprecedented storms over the Southern Ocean likely caused the most dramatic decline in Antarctic sea ice seen to date, a new study finds.

Antarctic sea ice – frozen ocean water that rings the southernmost continent – has grown over the past few decades but declined sharply in late 2016. By March of 2017 – the end of the Southern Hemisphere’s summer – Antarctic sea ice had reached its lowest area since records began in 1978.

In a new study, scientists puzzled by the sudden ice loss matched satellite images of Antarctica with weather data from the second half of 2016 to figure out what caused so much of the ice to melt. They found that a series of remarkable storms during September, October and November brought warm…

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