Watch UK Met Office “10 Day trend – unusually cold weather expected next week”

Children just won't know what warmth is 😉


Watch “Tuesday Night Update – Cold And Snow Latest (20/02/18)”

It increasingly looks like next week is the start of a memorable spell of cold weather. Far to early to care about snow, but it's looking mighty interesting.

BREAKING: Tim Ball’s free-speech victory over Andrew Weaver – all charges dismissed!

There’s a really good podcast Dr Ball did with James Delingpole back in December 2016 where he discusses the case and it’s impact;
It’s really good to hear that this shadow has now been lifted from him. I look forward to further light being shoneb casting away the lingering shadows.

Watts Up With That?

I got word tonight from David Ball, son of Dr. Tim Ball via Facebook messenger:

This morning the judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Tim by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech.

At the moment, I have no other details, but will update as I have them.

The case has been ongoing since 2011, and arguments were heard in court in the fall of 2017.

From an article in the NYT:

Andrew Weaver, a climate modeler at the University of Victoria, filed the lawsuit against Tim Ball, a former professor of geography at the University of Winnipeg and a vocal critic of the science linking man-made emissions to global warming, over an article published by the Canada Free Press, a conservative Web site.

“I stand by the story,” said Dr. Ball, who was prominently featured as a…

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Cape Town’s Drought

I’d be wary of the floods likely to follow a period of dought.


By Paul Homewood


The drought in South Africa has been hitting the headlines lately, with the climate change bogeyman being wheeled out, as in this Reuters report today:

Recent years have been littered with the same scare stories.

We all no doubt recall Tim Flannery’s warnings of permanent drought in Australia just a few years ago. Then came Joe Romm making the same claims about the US South West, not to mention Jerry Brown with California.

Nature usually has a habit of proving these charlatans wrong.

But what is the real truth in South Africa?

Tom Winnifrith has been looking into the situation:

Channel 4 reporter Lindsey Hilsum could not contain her excitement as she reported on the drought hitting Cape Town. There were a number of factors to blame but Climate Change was repeated many times. Her conclusion was clear, Governments across the world must not wait for…

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James Marusek’s Forecast For Solar Cycle 25


By Paul Homewood

James Marusek has sent me his latest forecast for Solar Cycle 25, which includes the forecast as well as some background explanation.


I’ve highlighted some of the major points, but it is worth reading in full for those who are interested.

The sun is the natural source of heat and light for our planet. Without our sun, the earth would be a cold dead planet adrift in space. But the sun is not constant. It changes and these subtle changes affect the Earth’s climate and weather.

At the end of solar cycle 23, sunspot activity declined to a level not seen since the year 1913. [Comparing Yearly Mean Total Sunspot Numbers]

The following was observed during the solar cycle 24:

1. The number of sunspots over the entire solar cycle decreased significantly by 50% or greater.

2. There were fewer solar flares and coronal mass ejections…

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Maunder Minimum & The CET


By Paul Homewood


Back to that Grand Minimum.

As mentioned yesterday, scientists now believe we could be heading into a 50 year period of reduced solar activity similar to what happened in the mid-17th century, which could lead to a drop in global temperatures of “several tenths of a degree Celsius”.


As has been pointed out, climate is a far more complex matter than climate scientists admit, and one about which we still know very little.

Whether a Maunder-like Minimum will happen again in the next few years, and whether it will have the effect claimed, remain to be seen.

But there is considerable evidence that the Maunder Minimum did coincide with a sharp fall in temperatures across the NH, as NASA show above.

The purpose of this post is to focus on the Central England Temperature series.


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