Watch Tony Heller “CNN Climate Reporting Circa 1935”

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.H. L. Mencken watch? v=XiFGaUEDPUU

Jaime Jessop ‘Met Office Attribution Study – Reading Chicken Entrails Might be the More Reliable Method’

A 'Climate Expert' inspects the latest CHIMP6 output for clues as to how it's all the fault of the peon masses. You’ve maybe heard of extreme weather attribution, where ‘scientists’ attempt to attribute a heatwave, storm or flood etc. to man-made climate change, some time after the event. You’ve heard of rapid extreme weather attribution where they fall over … Continue reading Jaime Jessop ‘Met Office Attribution Study – Reading Chicken Entrails Might be the More Reliable Method’

Deadly snow storm hits India, Afghanistan and Pakistan

h/t Argiris Diamantis Back on 3rd Jan I wrote: Quite a cold wave over India: on 30/12 Delhi had a new Dec low of 9.4C, some 11.4C below the normal & far less than the 11.3C previous record from Dec 97 (records since 1901), beating the coldest ever recorded temp from Jan 2013 of 9.8C … Continue reading Deadly snow storm hits India, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Watch “Julia Hartley-Brewer meets Matt Ridley”

As your children grow you have to let them down gently of course but you have to tell them the truth because it really won't help them in life if they still believe in unicorns and worse go out protesting about unicorns as fully grown adults. Please stop engaging in unicorn debates 😐

Watch Tony Heller “Cooling Or Warming?”

The freakish weather of 1976-77 occured at the start of Solar Cycle 21 which took some time to get going after a sluggish cycle before it.

Watch “Your Life is About to Change Are World Events Adding Up Yet (843)”

Chiefio put an interesting piece up last week titled Crop Failure Year Looms which I highly recommend - and the comments. Now David Dubyne who runs the Adapt2030 channel has put up a video synthesising much of the global news reports of droughts and floods as the jetstream changes into a deep meridional flow in … Continue reading Watch “Your Life is About to Change Are World Events Adding Up Yet (843)”

Leave Them Kids Alone

My children are younger than media darling and propaganda prop Greta Thunberg and what I refuse to do is allow a cult of Malthusian's with dubious funding and end times fervour rob my children of their future. I also have no wish to bequeath upon any child extortionate energy costs and a world where we … Continue reading Leave Them Kids Alone

Watch “Atmospheric Compression Snow and Rain Events Happening Across the Planet (492)” on YouTube

Some interesting events going on as we had deeper into northern hemispheric winter.

Japan: Snow in Tokyo 40 Days Early

​"first accumulation in November since 1875, when such observations began" At least 13 people were injured on Nov. 24 after central Tokyo, Yokohama and Kofu, capital of Yamanashi Prefecture, experienced their first snowfalls in November in 54 years. The injuries, including broken bones in four cases, were reported in the capital and Kanagawa and … Continue reading Japan: Snow in Tokyo 40 Days Early

BBC, Indian Monsoon, And More Lies

“Now, since you’ve read this far, I hope you’ll excuse me if I take a moment to ram my point home a little harder”.

A picture is worth more than words;


By Paul Homewood


Welcome to the latest barrage of lies and misinformation from the BBC:

This week I went to the scene of terrible tragedy.

A river, swollen by raging monsoon floodwaters, had torn down a bridge on the main road between Mumbai and Goa.

More than 30 people are thought to have died when the great stone structure crashed into the torrent, taking with it two buses and a number of cars.

Some of the bodies were swept more than 60 miles downriver in two days.

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