Observations Show No Warming Trend, Mostly Stable Glaciers In The Himalayas…Contradicting IPCC’s ‘Fake News’

Kenneth Richard really is doing a fine job over at No Tricks Zone collating a vast array of scientific papers that do not support the so called 'consensus'. Here he looks at Himalayan glaciers which were due to have disappeared in just 18 years. Read the rest here

Afghanistan: Days of Heavy Snow turn Deadly

https://youtube.com/watch?v=91KbZdlXpp4 More than a 100 people have been killed in a series of avalanches triggered by days of heavy snowfall around Afghanistan, including 50 in one village, officials said Sunday, warning the death toll could rise still further. The avalanches struck after three days of heavy snow, which has destroyed scores of homes and blocked roads … Continue reading Afghanistan: Days of Heavy Snow turn Deadly

Watch “Mini Ice Age by 2021 not 2024, Every Continent Will be Effected (284)” on YouTube

In his latest video David DuByne has picked up on an article from last November which includes quotes from WeatherAction's Piers Corbyn.  https://youtu.be/1H7uSCA_ZSE It's not clear from the article if David Hathaway is referring to a Grand Solar Minimum or Solar Cycle 24, however the likelyhood is the latter.  David Hathaway's prediction for Solar Cycle … Continue reading Watch “Mini Ice Age by 2021 not 2024, Every Continent Will be Effected (284)” on YouTube

Japan: Snow in Tokyo 40 Days Early

​"first accumulation in November since 1875, when such observations began" https://youtube.com/watch?v=Fne2OzJ18kE At least 13 people were injured on Nov. 24 after central Tokyo, Yokohama and Kofu, capital of Yamanashi Prefecture, experienced their first snowfalls in November in 54 years. The injuries, including broken bones in four cases, were reported in the capital and Kanagawa and … Continue reading Japan: Snow in Tokyo 40 Days Early

BBC, Indian Monsoon, And More Lies

“Now, since you’ve read this far, I hope you’ll excuse me if I take a moment to ram my point home a little harder”.

A picture is worth more than words;



By Paul Homewood



Welcome to the latest barrage of lies and misinformation from the BBC:

This week I went to the scene of terrible tragedy.

A river, swollen by raging monsoon floodwaters, had torn down a bridge on the main road between Mumbai and Goa.

More than 30 people are thought to have died when the great stone structure crashed into the torrent, taking with it two buses and a number of cars.

Some of the bodies were swept more than 60 miles downriver in two days.

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Plane Hit By Golf ball-sized Hailstones

Behind The Scenes 24 News

golf bal-sized hailstonesJuly 2016 was a crazy month in more ways than one. A global spike in terror attacks and people going postal was apparently mirrored by Mother Nature.

Among the extreme weather events and trends in environmental upheaval last month, we observed: A destructive tornado outbreak in South Africa (where it’s winter-time) Hail the size of golfballs falling in, of all places, Colombia and Brazil and a China Southern Airlines plane’s pilots had to prove their mettle when a massive hail storm hit as they descended towards Chengdu, and they were left to land the plane virtually ‘blind’. This meant the pilots had to navigate using their instruments rather than by sight.

According to the Aviation Herald, the Airbus A320 Flight CZ3483 was travelling from Guangzhou to Chengdu on 9 July, “when the aircraft encountered hail causing both windshields to become basically opaque”. The hail stones also stripped off the paint from the…

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