Joe Bastardi – Shifting Gears on My Climate Debate Contributions

Joe Bastardi has realised for some the debate is settled and it doesn’t matter what you say or what has happened before, the agenda is all that matters. I look forward to his new posts putting perspective on the unprecedented meme.

Not because my ideas have changed, but because you can only say the same thing and show the same charts so many times.
From now on, I will focus on how the weather events you see, when they are brought up as “the worst ever,” have happened before. I am particularly nervous about this hurricane season, as sea surface temperatures on the East Coast are very close to the period 1954-1960. [see screnshot above from WeatherBell Saturday Summary], when eight major hurricanes ran the coast over seven years! Given the media today, if a repeat of some of the blasts from the past occur, we will need someone who knows where to go to find examples, and that will be by my niche.

But being obsessed with fighting an issue that to me has wasted far too much of our nation’s time and treasure is no longer something I need to do. It is now akin to the “Monty Python” scene with the Black Knight guarding the bridge. (One needs a sense of humor about all this.) How many times can you show and refute something before it’s simply getting in the way of what you are meant to be doing?
…people behind [climate change hysteria] have admitted is intended to destroy capitalism. Nothing summed it up better from the article than this:


So my role in all this is now simple. When called upon for previous events that match or exceed “worst ever” hysteria, I will set the record straight on here. 

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HuffPo – Pulling Out of Paris is an Impeachable Offense 

For sheer stupidity this overlong vapid appeal to authority (it even quotes Bill McKibben!) is one of the best you’ll see outside of Guardian comments and Wikipedia talk pages. By a professor no less;

The most audacious crime of Paris against humanity being committed is the inhumanity that believers have towards their fellow humans which can be summed up as this;

#GreenImperialism – so much better for poor people to die

For a middle class Malthusians nothing can get in the way of that warm fuzzy feeling you get from ‘saving the planet’ and at the same time killing them softly with fluffy policies

The Obama administration didn’t submit the plan to the Senate as a conventional treaty. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius argued signers must agree to “a formula which is valuable for everybody and valuable for the U.S. without going to Congress.”


facing a hostile, Republican House and Senate, Obama knew it was unlikely he’d find much support on Capitol Hill. So he simply inked the deal for the U.S. with an executive order last autumn.

Without congressional sign-off, this calls into question whether the U.S. was ever formally “in” the Paris agreement.

Without congressional ‘advice and consent,’ was US ever officially in Paris climate accord? 

What can be inked in can be inked away. It does not matter which side you support and it’s not illegal no matter how righteous, moral and superior you feel. 

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