Piers Corbyn on the late David Bellamy

Chief weather forecaster for Weatheraction.com, Piers Corbyn wrote of the late David Bellamy David Bellamy principled naturalist, scientist and honest broadcaster died aged 86 on 11 Dec. Piers Corbyn writes: We've all lost something, humanity has lost something, science has lost a real champion. David Bellamy the inspirer of millions of youth into the science … Continue reading Piers Corbyn on the late David Bellamy


Nefeez Ahmed says in The Guardian's "EarthInsight" feature that... ..."the forces behind 'climate denial' and racism are the same"... http://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2014/apr/29/climate-denial-oil-addiction-xenophobia-neocons This focus on alleged demographic overlap between "climate denial" and racism shows the tribal confusion of many Man Made Global Warming promoters. The best promotion of their case would be clear, scientific evidence. If they … Continue reading !!! CRAZED AND CONFUSED !!!