Watch “The week Britain froze”


Watch “Tuesday Night Update – Cold And Snow Latest (20/02/18)”

It increasingly looks like next week is the start of a memorable spell of cold weather. Far to early to care about snow, but it's looking mighty interesting.

Watch “Atmospheric Compression Snow and Rain Events Happening Across the Planet (492)” on YouTube

Some interesting events going on as we had deeper into northern hemispheric winter.

Winter 2017-18 Open Thread

This is the place for any tips, observations and general chat. This thread will be left open until next spring (and if winter prolongs like 2013 it'll stay a bit longer). ūüėĀ [[5 Jan 18 - I believe this is a fair likelihood as any Sudden Stratospheric Warming [SSW] isn't happening soon and the real … Continue reading Winter 2017-18 Open Thread