Killer Storm in Romania, thanks Obama!*

Romanian YouTuber Vee Monro shows some of the devastation wrought by the ferocious storm in Romania that killed 8 and injured 137 with 100km/h winds. Romanian media may be hyperbolic but at least I haven't seen the dreaded Climate Change bogeyman which our media lazily reach for anytime something out of the ordinary occurs. … Continue reading Killer Storm in Romania, thanks Obama!*


Watch: Hurricane #Irma Livestreams

News WebCams National Hurricane Centre

Watch “The Sun and Storms | September 2017 Update” on YouTube

Certainly something noticeable if you've been watching. It doesn't need the CO2 fairy.

Watch “Second X-Flare in Two Months Signals the Grand Solar Minimum is Intensifying (450)” on YouTube

What David doesn't consider is the growth of social media and technology which allows these heavenly events to be captured and shared easily...which has also affected reporting of hurricanes (satellite coverage) and tornadoes.