Watch “Brutal downburst causing a severe dust storm in Belgrade, Serbia on Sept 17th.”


BBC – Air Con is Bad mkay but don’t worry we can always torch the skies

The BBC has quite an interesting article on the history of air conditioning which inadvertently shows how deluded some assumptions, twisted by the belief in the carbon dioxide thermostat control knob, can be; I'd happen to agree with many of the more zany ideas akin to a science fiction dystopia where we torch/nuke the atmosphere, in our … Continue reading BBC – Air Con is Bad mkay but don’t worry we can always torch the skies

‘Snowmania’ in Zambia h/t Argiris Diamantis THE Zambia Meteorological Department says the recent hailstorm in some parts of Lusaka was due to a cool vertical atmosphere that did not support its melting into rain. In a statement following Sunday’s heavy hailstorm, senior meteorological officer Victor Bupe said a cold front over the southeast coast of South Africa tilted towards … Continue reading ‘Snowmania’ in Zambia

Meteorologists explain The Scream

Wikipedia Was Edvard Munch seized by panic at the sight of "screaming clouds?" I was walking along the street with two friends – and the sun set. Suddenly, the sky turned blood-red and I felt a shiver of sadness. A feeling of oppressive pain in my breast.“ This is how the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch described the … Continue reading Meteorologists explain The Scream