Watch Tony Heller “Climate Time Warp”

There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe "You know, I know this claim doesn't exist. I know that when I look at the historic record, yet the Matrix is paying me to say it is unprecedented. I have a career, a family the respect of my peers, a media that … Continue reading Watch Tony Heller “Climate Time Warp”

Met Office: Why Storm Eunice was so severe, and will violent wind storms become more common?

The Science™️ This is just like the fun with the polar vortex a few years ago, despite being well known about in the 1970s, but created instant media coverage as "experts" in The Science™️ immediately linked it with 🎶 ominous music plays 🎶 Climate Change. It's been Sudden Stratospheric Warmings, the Indian Dipole, El Nino … Continue reading Met Office: Why Storm Eunice was so severe, and will violent wind storms become more common?

Watch @Adapt2030 “Signs Earth’s Climate Is Starting to Fall Out”

Excusing the hyperbolic headline, Dave does highlight some extreme weather systems popping up across the northern hemisphere...and winter has really only just begun.

Watch “Julia Hartley-Brewer meets Matt Ridley”

As your children grow you have to let them down gently of course but you have to tell them the truth because it really won't help them in life if they still believe in unicorns and worse go out protesting about unicorns as fully grown adults. Please stop engaging in unicorn debates 😐

US #PolarVortex – Cooling is Warming

The weather in North America is b-b-brrrutal; Of course, as with any weather out of the ordinary, so out comes the media to clamp down on heresy, especially when the Troll-in-Chief comes out to play. Because yes. Everything is our fault. Now don't question, just Repent & Pay. I mean how much clearer can it … Continue reading US #PolarVortex – Cooling is Warming

Watch Ben Davidson @TheRealS0s : Climate Change Facts

Three videos from Suspicious0bservers countering the concensus that it's our fault. https://

Insane Snow in Canada: Get Used to the New Normal “These new extreme early blizzards confirm this.” – Argiris Diamantis Abnormal ‘Weather Bomb’ underway; wind gusts of 140 km/h 5 Oct 2018 – We are only days into the month of October and many across the west are digging out from a foot of snowfall. But what’s interesting is that the strongest storm that … Continue reading Insane Snow in Canada: Get Used to the New Normal

Something Strange Happening to Noctilucent Clouds

Dr Tony Phillips writes; Something unusual is happening in Earth's upper atmosphere. Normally in August, summertime noctilucent clouds (NLCs) begin to fade as weather conditions in the mesosphere disfavor the formation of meteor-seeded ice crystals. This August, however, NLCs are going strong. Just this morning, Gordon Mackie witnessed a bright display over Caithness, Scotland: "It … Continue reading Something Strange Happening to Noctilucent Clouds