Watch: Hurricane #Irma Livestreams

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Watch “The Sun and Storms | September 2017 Update” on YouTube

Certainly something noticeable if you've been watching. It doesn't need the CO2 fairy.

Watch “Wrecking Ball – Demolishing The Democrats Fake Claims About Climate” on YouTube

Tony Heller looks at how modern claims of unprecedented ate #FakeNews. What our forebears endured was far, far worse, which may be why they ate always looking to erase and rewrite the data.

Turkey : Apocalyptic Hail and Flash Floods hit Istanbul

From Argiris Diamantis July 27, 2017 … 18.00 hours … Everything took place in half an hour. First it was dark. Then a very heavy flood began. Then the streets and the streets were flooded. People were wounded, trees were overturned, retaining walls collapsed. The windows of the cars exploded, and the dents in … Continue reading Turkey : Apocalyptic Hail and Flash Floods hit Istanbul