Watch “Giant Worms, Mind Bending Clouds and Ferocious Electrical Storms (477)”


The Hottest End of the World Evah!

Activists like to make claims. Like most biased interested parties, the hyper vision of their narrow lens means that anything and everything is proof. However, like most activist claims they don't stand up to scrutiny so they morph into some other threat; It's an endless stream of verbal and written diarrhoea that attempts to … Continue reading The Hottest End of the World Evah!

Watch: Hurricane #Irma Livestreams

News WebCams National Hurricane Centre

Watch “The Sun and Storms | September 2017 Update” on YouTube

Certainly something noticeable if you've been watching. It doesn't need the CO2 fairy.

Watch “Wrecking Ball – Demolishing The Democrats Fake Claims About Climate” on YouTube

Tony Heller looks at how modern claims of unprecedented ate #FakeNews. What our forebears endured was far, far worse, which may be why they ate always looking to erase and rewrite the data.