Watch “Twelfth And Final Winter 2017/18 Update”

Interesting that November 1950 comes up, one Joe Bastardi has mentioned in the past few weeks. A synopsis of the video can be found below. The twelfth update beings with a final look at the Oceans and ENSO. La Nina has continued to strengthen across all regions of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. We now … Continue reading Watch “Twelfth And Final Winter 2017/18 Update”


Watch “Eleventh Winter 2017/18 Update (19/11/17)” on YouTube

An interesting look at analogues at 2 and 1 year before solar minimum. I'd have liked to have seen them correlated to QBO ENSO and the AMO (something for me when I boot up my excel sheets again!).

Watch “2017 Hurricanes and Aerosols Simulation”

This is stunning to watch and the evolution of #Ophelia as it moves east and interacts with the Saharan Dust is illuminating although the Ellie Gouldings of the world will still blame #ClimateChange (see here).