Hurricane Dorian Livestreams

This storm is an absolute beast, with sustained winds of 185mph and gusts of 220mph putting it right up there in the pantheon of recorded Atlantic hurricanes. We can only hope and pray for anyone caught up in this.


Watch “Unbelievable Weather Event – 18 Wheel Tractor Trailers STUCK in Hail!”

That is some storm! BBC report: Can't help but get the Climate Change myth mentioned The likelyhood is such events we're seen before... In the Little Ice Age.

Watch Ben Davidson @TheRealS0s : Climate Change Facts

Three videos from Suspicious0bservers countering the concensus that it's our fault. https://

Watch @adapt2030 “@Piers_Corbyn Astrophysicist: Uptick in Global Climate Events and What to Expect into 2023 (PART 1)”

David interviews Piers on his thoughts about what lies ahead.