BBC, Indian Monsoon, And More Lies

“Now, since you’ve read this far, I hope you’ll excuse me if I take a moment to ram my point home a little harder”.

A picture is worth more than words;


By Paul Homewood


Welcome to the latest barrage of lies and misinformation from the BBC:

This week I went to the scene of terrible tragedy.

A river, swollen by raging monsoon floodwaters, had torn down a bridge on the main road between Mumbai and Goa.

More than 30 people are thought to have died when the great stone structure crashed into the torrent, taking with it two buses and a number of cars.

Some of the bodies were swept more than 60 miles downriver in two days.

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Watch “Hurricane Circulation Over the Arctic, August Snow Follows & 2nd Hurricane over Hudson Bay (204)”

Not sure about David's Nina projection as there doesn't appear to be enough cool water below the surface - although a multi-year El-Niná is quite possible reflecting the protracted El-Ninó which went before. Interesting times.

Watch “Record Snow and Crop Losses Across the Northern Hemisphere April-May 2016”

I recommend pausing the stories as David has been mistaken in quoting some of the figures which are often regional. In the 2nd video for the Californian cherry crop there was a *reduction* of one million to 18.3 million - not down to one million.

Cold and Snow hit…Brazil! Argiris Diamantis writes; The translation that provides from Portuguese into English is not perfect, but we understand that there was rare snowfall in Brazil, with enormous drops in temperatures and meteorogists blame this on El Nino. Snow in April in SC confirms harsh winter perspective; Friday, made 4 ° C in Curitiba Posted on … Continue reading Cold and Snow hit…Brazil!

Drought, El Niño, Blackouts and Venezuela

Roger Andrews writes "It’s fashionable these days to blame everything that goes wrong with anything on human interference with the climate, and we had yet another example last week when President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela fingered drought, El Niño and global warming as the reasons Venezuela’s lights keep going out. In this post I show … Continue reading Drought, El Niño, Blackouts and Venezuela