Watch UK Met Office “10 Day trend – unusually cold weather expected next week”

Children just won't know what warmth is 😉


Watch “Tuesday Night Update – Cold And Snow Latest (20/02/18)”

It increasingly looks like next week is the start of a memorable spell of cold weather. Far to early to care about snow, but it's looking mighty interesting.

Watch “Big freeze – January 1987 – weather forecast presented by Ian McCaskill” The winter of 1987 came at the very start of solar cycle 22. I remember this winter well as the ice slide we made in the playground lasted weeks not days. It was so cold I was able to throw a bucket of water down my garden drive and it froze over to make … Continue reading Watch “Big freeze – January 1987 – weather forecast presented by Ian McCaskill”

Cold Snap Brings Snowfall to the Sahara Desert – for the second winter in a row

The note on the video below states in fact the area of Ain al-safra follows geographically the high plateaus of the western cold continental climate and is in fact not a desert but it has been subjected to creeping sand and desertification because it lies on the gateway to the Sahara Desert

Details on last winter’s Saharan snow can be found here

Watts Up With That?

As much of the northern hemisphere endures record cold temperatures, we get this report from Severe Weather EU via Twitter:

Spectacular scenes today in Algeria as snow covered the sand dunes in Ain El Safra! Snow visible also in imagery by NASA’s Terra satellite.

After a 40 year absence, this is the second winter in a row for this occurrence. In late 2016 it was reported by the Telegraph as being not seen in 40 years:

Incredible photos capture freak snowfall in the Sahara Desert, believed to be first time it has fallen on the unforgiving red dunes in almost 40 years.

Now, it’s happened again. Have a look.

Photos by rt Sidali, Gian Alonso, Rabah Ripou Ouchen, Issam Bouchetata Bouchetata

You can also see the snow on the MODIS/TERRA satellite image service from NASA. Ain El Safra is the lone white section in the center of the…

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Watch “Atmospheric Compression Snow and Rain Events Happening Across the Planet (492)” on YouTube

Some interesting events going on as we had deeper into northern hemispheric winter.