No Snow? More like No Soul

Apparently the Met Office are pushing a new report that, according to their latest totally accurate projections which are so much better than those they churned out over a decade ago.suggests by the 2040s most of southern England could no longer see sub-zero days. By the 2060s only high ground and northern Scotland are still … Continue reading No Snow? More like No Soul

“From Day one, Global Warming and Global Cooling is a made up social engineering programme” @JamesDelingpole speaks to Patrick M Wood about the Great Reset

"There's only been one solution they ever offered to fix the problem and that was sustainable development." How the Climate Agenda is the same as the COVID19 agenda and the Great Reset. We must speak now and say NO

Piers Corbyn on his arrest: “OUR MOVEMENT, WE CAN WIN” #IStandWithPiersCorbyn

WeatherAction founder and chief forecaster Piers Corbyn, 73, has made a statement after being held for 23hrs 53min in South Yorkshire Sheffield police custody. He stated on Twitter "We will sue the police for unlawful arrest + wrongful detention and challenge bail conditions. THANK YOU ALL". This is his video statement outside the police station: … Continue reading Piers Corbyn on his arrest: “OUR MOVEMENT, WE CAN WIN” #IStandWithPiersCorbyn

Watch “Piers Corbyn: ‘coronavirus just whacked on death certificates” his arrest at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park on Saturday,Piers Corbyn spoke to TalkRadio, or rather didn't get to speak much. 🙄Journalist James Delingpole attended the anti-lockdown protest and "was threatened with a fine and arrest for the crime of doing my job" wrote afterwards:everyone present could not quite believe just how easily so … Continue reading Watch “Piers Corbyn: ‘coronavirus just whacked on death certificates”

Watch “Coronavirus and Climate Change – #PropagandaWatch”

Agenda and ideologically driven members of our society don't exactly fall into the "we're in this together brother" category. As bad as panic buying stocks which deprive others, they are using the Covid-19 global crisis to push the Green agenda - practically salivating at the result of death and disruption making it quite clear the … Continue reading Watch “Coronavirus and Climate Change – #PropagandaWatch”

Watch Dave Cullen “The Solution to Climate Change: Extinction of Humanity?” When you see it presented like this your realise how utterly insane the people pushing this pernicious agenda are, because it appears that once your have accepted the premise that the earth is warming - from a colder, harsher epoch that killed our forebears in droves - then any response, no matter … Continue reading Watch Dave Cullen “The Solution to Climate Change: Extinction of Humanity?”

Watch @Tony_Heller “Carbon Sins Causing Locust Plague”

Locust plagues are a sign of our changing climate. They were probably a sign of witches and not enough child sacrifices too. 🤦‍♂️

Watch @XiaXue “Why Greta Thunberg is Super Cringe – My Views on Climate Change!”

Xia Xue is Singaporean and has some of the most based 😎 takes on the Climate debate I've seen, particularly in regards to China and developing countries, which let's be honest is often left alone because the woke don't want to appear racist - despite promoting racist and imperialist green policies. You know this kind … Continue reading Watch @XiaXue “Why Greta Thunberg is Super Cringe – My Views on Climate Change!”

Watch: Tim Pool Greta Thunberg And AOC’s Climate Doomsaying Is Making Children Go Insane With “Eco-Anxiety” Tim Pool may disagree with sceptics, but he's not wrong in defining the religious eco-zealotry of those pushing the doomsday agenda - even if he conflates practices which damage our environment with the current climate change moral panic.

Watch “Julia Hartley-Brewer meets Matt Ridley”

As your children grow you have to let them down gently of course but you have to tell them the truth because it really won't help them in life if they still believe in unicorns and worse go out protesting about unicorns as fully grown adults. Please stop engaging in unicorn debates 😐