Piers Corbyn – After Arctic blast expect more surprises for rest of winter

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15/16 Jan

“After that arctic snow blast for Britain +Ireland expect more surprises for rest of winter” says Piers Corbyn

“Despite fearsome cold in most of Europe this winter (eg the coldest Orthodox Xmas (7 Jan) in Moscow for 120 years and terrible snow in centre, east and SE parts 4-9 Jan) Britain & Ireland had so far missed out on much snow /Arctic blasts until around Jan 12th. Although this was an earlier ice-snow hit (in detail) than we expected for Brit+Ire, it and what is coming was/is in line with our WeatherAction European developments forecast types this month and as one subsciber commented on our WeatherBlog our BI+Eu forecast maps and the Observed maps have been and are  “incredibly similar”:-

On 13 Jan 2017, Fred subscriber wrote: 

Been going through the model runs and then a Piers forecast and then the dates….time and again. And currently synoptically from Piers’ map and now….incredibly similar. Furthermore, what we have had was a pep up surprise and there is a lot more fun and games to come and wild jetstream behaviour to come. I was thinking Piers timing was wrong….no I have misread the situation as what is happening now is the synoptic situation has slipped into what Piers has forecast after the interesting pep up. If u haven’t got the forecast… get it and you will see. Lot’s of winter to come.

“It it also gratifying to see the deluded believers in the #FakeScience of ‘GlobalWarming’ have to come to terms with the fact their personal local square mile of the globe cannot anymore be ‘evidence’ of the ‘end of snow’ (since the last time it snowed there).  The #FakeScience and #FakeNews of so-called man-made #ClimateChange will terminate this year.

“The NOT important storm surge of 13/14th apart from a small event in East Yorkshire was not really a surprise to WeatherAction. 

Authorities must indeed be ready and the Full Moon was indeed a factor and we must congratulate the Met Office and the environment agency / local authorities on short-term detailed forecasting and organisation. Nevertheless the extra pep needed for it appears ALL these really extreme events – ie a WeatherAction R4 /R5 period – was NOT present; so no over-topping in the warned parts of the East coast.

“WARNING! IN THE COMING TWO DECADES it is however important to note the #WildJetStream (= #MiniIceAge in cold parts) conditions that bring these strong (potentially extreme) North winds and storm surges will be more prevelant.

The weather is already having an effect on crops in Europe:

UK snow: Severe weather sweeps across country 

Watch: Torrential rain brings flooding from Paris to Prague

Northern Europe has continued to be lashed by torrential rain, bringing extensive flooding to Belgium, Germany and France.

Paris has never experienced so much rain in May since records began in 1873.

The scenes of flooding along the River Seine have been known in winter – though the fact it has been happening in June has caused surprise.

The A10 near Orleans resembled less a motorway on Wednesday than a river or a canal.

Hundreds of motorists became stranded. The army intervened to take them to emergency centres in nearby towns. Some cars later became totally immersed in water.

In northern France, fire crews have been called out hundreds of times, having no other option but to travel by boat to rescue people from their homes.

In this part of the country, as much rain fell in 24 hours as normally falls in the whole of May.

“In December 1999 the level of the River Lawe reached reached 3 metres 31, and now we’ve beaten the record: 3 metres 42, so 11 centimetres higher,” said one man surveying the damage to his house.

Tourists come to Prague from around the world to stroll across the medieval Charles Bridge – on Tuesday afternoon they were forced to run for cover.

The Czech capital was one of several European cities hit by heavy thunderstorms.

In the southwestern German town of Braunsbach, whole parts of the centre were simply washed away at the weekend, the water carrying with it anything in its path.

Three people were suspected to have died in the floods.

In some streets the damage looked more like the aftermath of an earthquake. The floodwaters having subsided, residents have been trying to clear the rubble and mud – and survey the destruction inside their homes.

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