Saudi Arabia: Heavy Snow in the Desert Kingdom

Friday 10th January. It's snowed in the Desert Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: TABUK: Tabuk’s northern region has been affected by a polar wave since Friday morning, with snow covering most of the wild and mountainous areas and Haql governate’s Jabal Al-Lawz, Al-Daher and Alqan mountains. The northern region is a popular … Continue reading Saudi Arabia: Heavy Snow in the Desert Kingdom

Watch “Julia Hartley-Brewer meets Matt Ridley”

As your children grow you have to let them down gently of course but you have to tell them the truth because it really won't help them in life if they still believe in unicorns and worse go out protesting about unicorns as fully grown adults. Please stop engaging in unicorn debates 😐

Watch “The Sun and Storms | September 2017 Update” on YouTube

Certainly something noticeable if you've been watching. It doesn't need the CO2 fairy.

Watch “Deserts Across the World Bloom, Heavier Rains Caused by Cosmic Rays Creating More Clouds (357)” See also; Saudi Arabia Chile’s Atacama Desert Blooms Pink Mallow Flowers After Spring and Summer Floods Cold and Snow hit…Brazil! California China

Snow alert in Gulf desert UAE

3rd February 2017 Record cold recorded in Gulf State! A snow alert has been issued in the United Arab Emirates where a rare storm and high winds Friday toppled one of thousands of cranes in the Gulf desert state. One person was injured and three cars were destroyed in a fire sparked by the … Continue reading Snow alert in Gulf desert UAE

First Snow in Decades Plagues the Middle East

Not only has it been snowing in the Sahara, for the first time since 1979, brutal cold weather has spread over many parts of the Middle East; Parts of Deir ez Zour province in the north of Syria have not seen snow in more than a quarter of a century, and across the border in Iraq … Continue reading First Snow in Decades Plagues the Middle East

It’s Snowing in Saudi Arabia… again!!

Argiris Diamantis writes in the comments; Snowfall in Saudi Arabia: It is all over in the news in India, in Russia, in Arabic countries, it is on YouTube. But the Dutch MSM keeps quiet about it. Recently they reported a lot about wildfires in Israel. And each burning tree in Australia is always headline news … Continue reading It’s Snowing in Saudi Arabia… again!!

Snow falls in Kuwait for ‘first time ever’

h/t Caleb Snow fell on Kuwait on Thursday morning for the first time in the country's history, pictures sent to Middle East Eye show. Footage sent to MEE showed snow flakes falling in the Gulf state, where temperatures have plummeted in recent days. Photos showed Kuwait's desert landscape dusted with a sprinkling of snow. … Continue reading Snow falls in Kuwait for ‘first time ever’