Unraveling ‘Attribution’ Pseudoscience – No, the NW Pacific Heatwave Would NOT Have Been ‘Virtually Impossible’ Without Global Warming

To give a flavour of what utter BS these “attribution” claims are atmospheric scientist, Cliff Mass who is effectively the specialist when it comes to the Pacific Northwest used

peer-reviewed scientific literature to demonstrate that human-caused global warming played a very small role in the extreme heat event

He further wrote

the specific ingredients that led to the heatwave are […] a high-amplitude ridge of high pressure and an approaching low-pressure area that “supercharged” the warming. Second, it is shown that global warming only contributed a small about (1-2F) of the 30-40F heatwave and that proposed global warming amplification mechanisms (e.g., droughts, enhanced ridging/high pressure) cannot explain the severe heat event. It is shown that high-resolution climate models do not produce more extreme high temperatures under the modest global warming of the past several decades and that global warming may even work against extreme warming in our region. Importantly, this blog demonstrates that there is no trend towards more high-temperature records. Finally, the communication of exaggerated and unfounded claims by the media, some politicians, and several activists are discussed

Cliff Mass | Was Global Warming The Cause of the Great Northwest Heatwave? Science Says No.

It’s highly recommended as an antidote to the corpulant verbage being pumped out by champagne marxists posing as scientists.


This is what the media is claiming, this is what ‘scientists’ are claiming. This is what Matt McGrath at the BBC is claiming:

The searing heat that scorched western Canada and the US at the end of June was “virtually impossible” without climate change, say scientists.

In their study, the team of researchers says that the deadly heatwave was a one-in-a-1,000-year event.

But we can expect extreme events such as this to become more common as the world heats up due to climate change.

If humans hadn’t influenced the climate to the extent that they have, the event would have been 150 times less likely.

Scientists worry that global heating, largely as a result of burning fossil fuels, is now driving up temperatures faster than models predict.

I’m claiming BS, so let’s get straight to it. First of all, this analysis was not an analysis of a heatwave in the…

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