The English Medieval Vineyards

In a recent post, English vineyards introduce new grapes due to global heating- Grauniad, Paul Homewood highlights a predictably 1984 inspired piece of fiction by the Guardian, which includes this whopper: Traditionally England was a hard region to ripen grapes as it was not warm enough As we shall see that is far, far from … Continue reading The English Medieval Vineyards

Watch Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen “Green Fascism”

Bjorn is a Norwegian woodsman and is what we would have called in former times a conservationist or environmentalist. His website bio describes himself as: a novelist from Norway... fascinated by the Viking Age since childhood. I like doing hands-on research of the old ways - it helps me connect with the characters in my … Continue reading Watch Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen “Green Fascism”

Making a Run for Freedom : Climate Change Edition

Scientists 'speechless' at Arctic fox's epic trek According to the BBC, Climate Change threatens just about everything including the Arctic Fox, a fox no less that has seemingly outwitted scientists and media alike. We will never know what the little fox gets up to in Canada, as her transmitter stopped working in February, the Polar … Continue reading Making a Run for Freedom : Climate Change Edition

Norway’s Washout Summer, Farmers Despair at rain, rain, rain

Despite the early heatwave it has been for the most part an increasingly poor wet summer, highlighted best by the Central England Temperatures which have been going down; Further north, it has of course been far wetter, however nothing like in Western Norway where it's been very wet in some places for 70 out of … Continue reading Norway’s Washout Summer, Farmers Despair at rain, rain, rain

Meteorologists explain The Scream

Wikipedia Was Edvard Munch seized by panic at the sight of "screaming clouds?" I was walking along the street with two friends – and the sun set. Suddenly, the sky turned blood-red and I felt a shiver of sadness. A feeling of oppressive pain in my breast.“ This is how the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch described the … Continue reading Meteorologists explain The Scream

Watch “Squall line passing through London” on YouTube

The squall line, just after 4 minutes in was muggy but the air behind was very fresh. Radar images of Bertha's remnants passing the south of England are shown below (screen grabs from the Netweather App).[May 2019 - As the original video has disappeared this post has been updated.] The View from … Continue reading Watch “Squall line passing through London” on YouTube