Watch “Weather Story – Update on the very cold weekend”

The Beast Part II as predicted by Piers Corbyn


Watch “BBC The Big Freeze of 1963 Remembered”

Although I have looked at the winter of 1962-63 many, many times seeing this BBC report from 1963 is something else. The snow and persistence of that winter is truly staggering. This really puts the blizzard of 2018 into deep perspective.

Piers Corbyn on UK Winter 2017-18

As the clock change looms, and or Sun slowly goes to sleep, winter 2017-18 is shaping up and WeatherAction's Piers Corbyn has given a taster of his initial winter thoughts reproduced below. 2013 was the last time much of the UK received substantial snow cover. Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction, said the jet stream is … Continue reading Piers Corbyn on UK Winter 2017-18

Red Sky at Noon, Hurricane Ophelia and the Memory Hole

Ex-Hurricane Ophelia caused three deaths in the Irish Republic and thousands of homes were without power. It's the worst storm in 60 years which makes the Red Warnings by Met Eireann beforehand warranted. Hurricane Ophelia: Schools closed and thousands without power The evolution of the storm can be seen here on this NOAA NWS Air … Continue reading Red Sky at Noon, Hurricane Ophelia and the Memory Hole