Watch @Adapt2030 “Signs Earth’s Climate Is Starting to Fall Out”

Excusing the hyperbolic headline, Dave does highlight some extreme weather systems popping up across the northern hemisphere...and winter has really only just begun.

Watch “Julia Hartley-Brewer meets Matt Ridley”

As your children grow you have to let them down gently of course but you have to tell them the truth because it really won't help them in life if they still believe in unicorns and worse go out protesting about unicorns as fully grown adults. Please stop engaging in unicorn debates šŸ˜

Watch Tony Heller “Cooling Or Warming?”

The freakish weather of 1976-77 occured at the start of Solar Cycle 21 which took some time to get going after a sluggish cycle before it.

August in Canada ‘It looks like Christmas’ CBC News reports [emphasis added]: Posted: August 19, 2019 Residents in northeastern B.C. woke up to winter in August on the weekend. "It looks like February. The trees are completely covered," said Melody Magaton, owner of the Buffalo Inn in Pink Mountain, located 190 kilometres north of Fort St. John. "It looks like Christmas, … Continue reading August in Canada ‘It looks like Christmas’

Making a Run for Freedom : Climate Change Edition

Scientists 'speechless' at Arctic fox's epic trek According to the BBC, Climate Change threatens just about everything including the Arctic Fox, a fox no less that has seemingly outwitted scientists and media alike. We will never know what the little fox gets up to in Canada, as her transmitter stopped working in February, the Polar … Continue reading Making a Run for Freedom : Climate Change Edition

Leave Them Kids Alone

My children are younger than media darling and propaganda prop Greta Thunberg and what I refuse to do is allow a cult of Malthusian's with dubious funding and end times fervour rob my children of their future. I also have no wish to bequeath upon any child extortionate energy costs and a world where we … Continue reading Leave Them Kids Alone

Watch “Netflix Accused of LYING, Pushing Climate Change PROPAGANDA”

Tim Poole is a pretty middle ground journalist who hates fake news wherever he finds it. As he says, when it comes to climate change he defers to the experts (maybe he should watch Richard Lindzen). He fundraised for GreenPeace but quit because of their promotion of lies in their search for cash. As long … Continue reading Watch “Netflix Accused of LYING, Pushing Climate Change PROPAGANDA”

US #PolarVortex – Cooling is Warming

The weather in North America is b-b-brrrutal; Of course, as with any weather out of the ordinary, so out comes the media to clamp down on heresy, especially when the Troll-in-Chief comes out to play. Because yes. Everything is our fault. Now don't question, just Repent & Pay. I mean how much clearer can it … Continue reading US #PolarVortex – Cooling is Warming