“Global Electric Current Has Shifted: @Piers_Corbyn Astrophysicist (PART 2)” with @adapt2030



Watch Ben Davidson @TheRealS0s : Climate Change Facts

Three videos from Suspicious0bservers countering the concensus that it's our fault. https://YouTube.com/watch?v=m71uQPhwhTk https://YouTube.com/watch?v=oepy1Ig7TdM https:// YouTube.com/watch?v=tr-LP3t0_dQ

Watch @adapt2030 “@Piers_Corbyn Astrophysicist: Uptick in Global Climate Events and What to Expect into 2023 (PART 1)”

David interviews Piers on his thoughts about what lies ahead. https://YouTube.com/watch?v=JRyi_tVWZ2I

Winter 2017-18 Open Thread

This is the place for any tips, observations and general chat. This thread will be left open until next spring (and if winter prolongs like 2013 it'll stay a bit longer). 😁 [[5 Jan 18 - I believe this is a fair likelihood as any Sudden Stratospheric Warming [SSW] isn't happening soon and the real … Continue reading Winter 2017-18 Open Thread