Coronal hole

geomagnetic storm 

And a record hurricane

Right on the earthquake zone

“It’s the sun stupid”

Earth Extremities

Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 194 km S of San Salvador, El Salvador / pop: 526,000 / local time: 12:43:48.1 2016-11-24
161 km S of Usulután, El Salvador / pop: 52,000 / local time: 12:43:48.1 2016-11-24
151 km S of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador / pop: 19,100 / local time: 12:43:48.1 2016-11-24

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Earthquake kills at least 120 in central Italy

The BBC reports the death toll as at least 250. Utterly devastating for this small community. Earthquake was 'long and ugly' Posted at11:46 Local residents have been speaking of their shock at the scale of Wednesday's earthquake.  Silvano Parla, from the town of Arquata del Tronto, said earthquakes were felt regularly in the area, but added: "I have lived through many … Continue reading Earthquake kills at least 120 in central Italy

Second strong 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocks Kumamoto area, killing at least 11

The Extinction Protocol

EQ Japan 3
April 2016JAPAN A magnitude-7.3 earthquake struck Kumamoto Prefecture early Saturday, killing at least 11 more people, injuring many more and bringing down buildings, media reported, just over a day after a quake killed nine others in the same region. The USGS later revised the earthquake down to a 7.0 magnitude. Authorities warned of damage over a wide area, as reports came in of scores of people trapped in collapsed buildings, fires and power outages. The powerful shaking triggered a huge landslide that swept away homes and cut off a highway in one area, and unlike the earlier quake which mostly affected old houses, larger buildings were damaged and some toppled across Kumamoto, the epicenter of the quakes.
Public broadcaster NHK said that at least 760 people were injured in the latest tremor, while a government spokesperson said scores were trapped or buried alive. Eleven people were…

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From New Scientist: “Waking supervolcano makes North Korea and West join forces”



New Scientist

15 April 2016
Andy Coghlan

1The crater atop Mount Paektu. Raymond Cunningham/Getty

If it blows again, it could make Vesuvius look like a tea party.

Now, in a ground-breaking collaboration between the West and North Korea, vulcanologists are gaining new insights into Mount Paektu, on North Korea’s border with China, and whether it might blow its top any time soon.

If it does, the outcome could be catastrophic. Paektu’s last eruption, a thousand years ago, is the second largest ever recorded, topped only by the eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia in 1815.

“If it erupted, it would have impacts way beyond Korea and China,” says James Hammond of Birkbeck, University of London, one of the scientists involved.

In 946 AD, the eruption of Mount Paektu, Korea’s highest mountain, blasted 96 cubic kilometres of debris into the sky, 30 times more than the relatively puny 3.3 cubic kilometres…

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Chile: Breathtaking Footage of Volcanic Eruption

Truly amazing footage of Calbuco. Martin Heck - Volcano Calbuco erupted on April 22, 2015, for the first time in four decades. Located close to the cities of Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt in southern Chile. We spend the prior couple of days on the neighboring volcano Osorno (~20km linear distance) shooting timelapses. After an … Continue reading Chile: Breathtaking Footage of Volcanic Eruption

Nepal Earthquake – Similar pattern seen at start of Little Ice Age Above and below the Nepal earthquake captured as it happened. It is all the more poignant when you see how every day normal life was happening only to be snatched away in an instant. The BBC reported on a previous time when the same fault ruptured - Saturday's magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck to the north-west … Continue reading Nepal Earthquake – Similar pattern seen at start of Little Ice Age

“Japanese pagodas in earthquakes” on YouTube

I hope the Japanese share their knowledge when parts of Nepal are rebuilt following today's tragic earthquake. This is the legacy our grandchildren need not some horseshit draconian solutions to the non existent problem of 'climate change' which some believers barely skipped a breath before linking to their dogmatic belief system. Our thoughts and prayers … Continue reading “Japanese pagodas in earthquakes” on YouTube

Watch “M7.9 DISASTER IN NEPAL | S0 News April 25, 2015” on YouTube

Ben Davidson discusses the solar factors leading to the Nepal earthquake. Unlike the vile but deluded believer on Twitter claiming a link to Climate Change, Ben has been warning what was to come for days. Not some vague CO2 horseshit excuse. What is the mechanism you complete douchebags? You have nothing. How about I believe … Continue reading Watch “M7.9 DISASTER IN NEPAL | S0 News April 25, 2015” on YouTube

Solar Activity Uptick and the Nevada Earthquakes

Ben Davidson with this morning's update of world and space weather. The Nevada uptick looks to be due to fracking operations as I've been watching for unusual earthquakes the past few days, especially since I downloaded the ESMC quake app. These were the Oregon/Nevada quakes yesterday They look quite uniform. This is today (the … Continue reading Solar Activity Uptick and the Nevada Earthquakes

Japans Second Highest Volcano Explodes Saturday As shown in the video above many hikers and residents near Japans second highest volcano and only 250km west of Tokyo were taken by surprise during the late morning hours Saturday September 27th when the mountain blew its top. The eruption occurred at 1153 AM with little warning. The ash cloud according to NHK TV … Continue reading Japans Second Highest Volcano Explodes Saturday

Iceland’s Volcano Sulfur Fumes Now Bothering People 800 Miles Away –

Note - the jetstream shifts will affect how and where the gases are spread. People on Norway’s coast have reported a strong smell of sulfur in the air this week, and experts say it’s coming from a surprising source: Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano, 800 miles away. Bardarbunga sits about seven miles under the Dyngjujökull glacier, which … Continue reading Iceland’s Volcano Sulfur Fumes Now Bothering People 800 Miles Away –