Watch “Atmospheric Compression Snow and Rain Events Happening Across the Planet (492)” on YouTube

Some interesting events going on as we had deeper into northern hemispheric winter.


Humor “What is it with british people and snow ?”

Although Piers brilliantly forecast the snow going further south giving a lovely surprise, even the 12 inches of show in the Breacons and the near 7 inches in High Wycombe are nothing. Most of North America, Europe and Asia would see this as a light shower 😁. However, in defense of Blighty especially most of … Continue reading Humor “What is it with british people and snow ?”

Winter 2017-18 Open Thread

This is the place for any tips, observations and general chat. This thread will be left open until next spring (and if winter prolongs like 2013 it'll stay a bit longer). 😁 I'll also try and keep a weekly diary of the weather which starts below and throw in some images where I can. The … Continue reading Winter 2017-18 Open Thread

Watch “Twelfth And Final Winter 2017/18 Update”

Interesting that November 1950 comes up, one Joe Bastardi has mentioned in the past few weeks. A synopsis of the video can be found below. The twelfth update beings with a final look at the Oceans and ENSO. La Nina has continued to strengthen across all regions of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. We now … Continue reading Watch “Twelfth And Final Winter 2017/18 Update”