Mexico hit by another deadly earthquake

A massive M7.1 earthquake in Puebla Mexico has caused massive destruction and a large loss of life. It comes 32 years to the day after a previous quake killed 5000 people. This quake was not as strong, nor as shallow but has proved deadly all the same. Continuous updates can be found here; reading Mexico hit by another deadly earthquake


Watch “The Sun and Storms | September 2017 Update” on YouTube

Certainly something noticeable if you've been watching. It doesn't need the CO2 fairy.

Watch “Second X-Flare in Two Months Signals the Grand Solar Minimum is Intensifying (450)” on YouTube

What David doesn't consider is the growth of social media and technology which allows these heavenly events to be captured and shared easily...which has also affected reporting of hurricanes (satellite coverage) and tornadoes.


***Update 6*** As I write the sun is unleashing another X class flare which I believe was an X8. The KP index is quiet and any ejecta should miss earth but we may get done radio effects Will Irma be affected or of this too little too late? ***Update 5*** Impact has occurred earlier … Continue reading MAJOR X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE