“Global Electric Current Has Shifted: @Piers_Corbyn Astrophysicist (PART 2)” with @adapt2030



Watch Ben Davidson @TheRealS0s : Climate Change Facts

Three videos from Suspicious0bservers countering the concensus that it's our fault. https://YouTube.com/watch?v=m71uQPhwhTk https://YouTube.com/watch?v=oepy1Ig7TdM https:// YouTube.com/watch?v=tr-LP3t0_dQ

@Piers_Corbyn: Major Impacts as Mini Ice Age Circulation Pattern Due to Bite Britain and Europe

Piers has given a taste of what is to come early this winter. The Daily Express has a rather alarming headline about a Wall of Snow to hit the UK, however that is the headline writers not necessarily the content nor what Piers himself has said. Below are the actual comments from WeatherActions Piers Corbyn … Continue reading @Piers_Corbyn: Major Impacts as Mini Ice Age Circulation Pattern Due to Bite Britain and Europe

Watch @adapt2030 “@Piers_Corbyn Astrophysicist: Uptick in Global Climate Events and What to Expect into 2023 (PART 1)”

David interviews Piers on his thoughts about what lies ahead. https://YouTube.com/watch?v=JRyi_tVWZ2I

Watch “Professor Valentina Zharkova: The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate”

Professor Zharkova predicts global cooling by 2030. Cycle 25 looks similar to current Cycle 24, but Cycle 26 shows a sharp drop. I expect this to be far nearer the mark than the IPCC thermogeddon by 2030. Look out for Piers Corbyn and Roger Tattersall (Tallbloke) in the Q & A at the end. https://YouTube.com/watch?v=M_yqIj38UmY

Watch “Category 5?Hurricane Michael: live streams”

+++Updates+++ https://twitter.com/NOAASatellites/status/1050113989387190273?s=19 +++Ends+++ ***Scroll for Live streaming*** Michael looks to have intensified and is bordering Category 5 And it's getting hairy; https://twitter.com/iCyclone/status/1050081580461563904?s=19 https://twitter.com/splillo/status/1050083457186058241?s=19 https://twitter.com/TxStormChasers/status/1050069197047369733?s=19 https://twitter.com/ABC13News/status/1050091341915582464?s=19 https://twitter.com/WFLAJosh/status/1050098823194963968?s=19 I'll add streams as they appear; https://YouTube.com/watch?v=2NvDKOfb-3g https://YouTube.com/watch?v=MC2XEEPTSCw https://YouTube.com/watch?v=490qZyZs6fs https://YouTube.com/watch?v=LnmEYvOqHqI Some tweets; Some of the solar and lunar factors in action; https://twitter.com/ClimateRealists/status/1050106437714763777?s=19

NEW WeatherAction to Launch Australia-NewZealand Forecast Club

Piers Corbyn writes; WeatherAction are starting to develop Australia +NZ LongRange forecasts. You can help by joining the club! JOIN our Aus-NZ forecast club just Subscribe to BI ALL-WINTER-NOW (or an equivalent amount on other forecasts) - via below Tell us! email piers@WeatherAction.com /WeatherAction comment form You will get free trial SUMMER 2018-19 Aus+NZ forecasts … Continue reading NEW WeatherAction to Launch Australia-NewZealand Forecast Club