Watch: @BigJoeBastardi American Wx Models not Spotting the Cold & Why it’s Water Vapour not CO2 that’s Boss

A very good overview of what's going wrong with some of the long range American weather models and why it's water vapour, not Carbon Dioxide, that is the important greenhouse gas that governs climate.

Watch: GavsWeatherVids (@GavinPartridge) “Thirteenth And Final Winter 2018/19 Update”

An interesting final update from Gav. Yet again 2012 pops up and a concurrent theme from many of the previous updates is the likelyhood of a cold into Feb and March. This concurs with my own thoughts expressed over at

Watch Ben Davidson @TheRealS0s : Climate Change Facts

Three videos from Suspicious0bservers countering the concensus that it's our fault. https://