Watch UK Met Office “10 Day trend – unusually cold weather expected next week”

Children just won't know what warmth is 😉


Watch “Tuesday Night Update – Cold And Snow Latest (20/02/18)”

It increasingly looks like next week is the start of a memorable spell of cold weather. Far to early to care about snow, but it's looking mighty interesting.

Falcon Heavy – Just a Mannequin Playing Space Oddity on the Radio

***Update***Despite the successful launch and two of the three rockets being safely returned it seems the Pigs in Space mission has not gone quite according to plan we see this?***Ends***Despite Elon Musk being a piggy with his snout deeper in the government trough than any Eurocrat could ever dream of, this is still pretty cool.

John Hammond – Winter could drag into March

Where I live, crocuses and snowdrops are shooting skywards – adding a flash of early springtime vibrancy amidst the late winter drabness. They don’t know what’s about to hit them! In all honesty of course, none of us do! But as I mentioned in my last blog, there are compelling reasons why I think February … Continue reading John Hammond – Winter could drag into March