Watch “Arctic Is Screaming! – Telling Scientists To Shut Up”

The only sound you are most likely to hear is a combination of ice crunching up against the hull of the ship that hosts scientists screaming to be saved from the “rotten” ice after another public funded jaunt to gleefully watch it “melt” has give horribly wrong. Again

And again

And again

As Ron Clutz recently said;

We are about 50 days away from the annual Arctic ice extent minimum, which typically occurs on or about day 260 (mid September). Some take any year’s slightly lower minimum as proof that Arctic ice is dying, but the image below shows day 260 over the last 10 years. The Arctic heart is beating clear and strong.

Alternately trust your own lying eyes, unfettered by the lens of imaginary computer simulations and projections, and pop over to Caleb’s to catch up with the natural ebbs and flows of our northerly pole;

Call me jaded if you will, but I find it hard to stir the embers of my diminishing interest in the so-called Climate Wars into any sort of blaze. I have the sense I am not debating an idea, but rather dealing with a delaying-tactic. When you are dealing with people inclined towards the immoral concept that “the ends justify the means”, their “ends” justify any and all untruth. Once debate has exposed their dishonesty, they need to slump to a fall-back position wherein they hope to avoid the consequences (of the exposure of their fraud) long enough for the “ends” to kick in. Their hope is that when they pass under a rainbow and through pearly gates to their dreamed-of utopia, some sort of statute of limitations will pardon them for their lies, calling them “white lies”. It was all for a good cause.


In terms of Arctic Sea-Ice there is all sorts of Beauty to see and share, about the variations involved, but they are blind to it, because they have one-track-minds, and are determined to prove a single point: Capitalism (and/or Christianity) is bad, and the proof mankind is bad is that the sea-ice is vanishing, (even when it isn’t). For example, an enormous ice-breaker from Finland recently went plowing through the Northwest Passage, and set a new record for the “earliest” passage. The media suggested that the fact the passage was so “early” must mean there was less ice due to Global Warming. Was there? Take a look for yourself:

New Arctic The Journey This does not look like an “Ice Free Pole” to me. Furthermore, it is down near 70° north latitude, not up at the Pole at 90°. To me it looks like the record was set because Finland built a heck of a fine ice-breaker, (holding the world’s largest sea-going crane and a landing pad for big helicopters), and this fine ship was able to bash through ice six and even nine feet thick. But does the Media praise Finland and give credit where credit is due?


So what is new? The media shrieks the Pole is melting. Ho hum. Do they look at the polar temperatures? No? Ho hum. In actual fact Polar temperatures have barely touched normal six times, and have otherwise been below normal 120 straight days

But yeah it’s screaming and rotten alright, but it’s not the ice that’s rotten or doing the screaming.

Turkey : Apocalyptic Hail and Flash Floods hit Istanbul

From Argiris Diamantis

July 27, 2017 … 18.00 hours …

Everything took place in half an hour. First it was dark. Then a very heavy flood began. Then the streets and the streets were flooded. People were wounded, trees were overturned, retaining walls collapsed. The windows of the cars exploded, and the dents in the hoods came to fruition. Some houses were flooded, some houses had holes in the outside, roofs were broken, windows were broken. The roads are closed, the drivers are tired of the traffic. It’s just a rat race … All this happened in Istanbul. In fact, a few hours ago the rains entered the border gates of Thrace and similar landscapes were seen there. But since our media centers in Istanbul did not see enough news value in the events they did not see from the window of the plazas, these pangs went through as a few lines of news, a subtitle. That is why some of the readers and the audience are not aware of this early warning. More painful and full of floods, they kept the same indifference when they shot Çanakkale after Istanbul. It is a matter to be considered … It is a cruel indifference, a hurtful selfishness, a destructive egocentrism … Those who are curious about İstanbul’s history know.

During the various periods, there were very violent storms and floods, which lifted the city almost from the middle, dismantled the trees in Kagithane and dragged into the Bosphorus. We have also witnessed the disasters that have caused deaths in many Eastern and Western countries, although not in Turkey in the last 10 years. Though not as violent as they were, it was a phenomenon of nature that we have not seen in recent times. As the water was withdrawn, the fog blew, the destruction appeared, and damage was detected, criticisms came to the fore. In addition to criticism that can be assessed in the context of urbanism, municipalism and environmentalism, discussions have started with preventive measures and the relevance of rescue efforts. Experts will discuss these. We will look at the media dimension. In this context, we received messages from our readers about the upcoming disaster not being announced in time. Some of our readers blamed official institutions, while others expressed that the media did not fulfill their duties. When I was investigating the matter, I saw it. On the morning of that day, General Directorate of Meteorology warned the citizens by making an official statement. The following statements were included in the statement: “Showers and thunderstorms are expected locally to be strong in the Dardanelles in the northern district of Thrace and Istanbul circles noisy downpour sudden flood, flood, lightning, hail local rainfall, rainfall immediate strong wind, is necessary to be careful and cautious response to concerns such as transport disruptions. ” I underline the expressions of ‘local floods’ and ‘sudden floods’. In other words, the meteorology shared the findings of the possible hadiths with the public; Agencies have been informed. Subject The last minute warning from Meteorology on morning 09.06 to the website of Sabah newspaper! Attention to this Daylight! It entered with the title. It’s been a long time. In the spotlight News to live in Thrace and Istanbul northern district of Çanakkale with circles drawn attention to possible events, meteorology emphasized that warn against sudden floods. The task of the media, yes, important issues that affect the lives of citizens in providing them with information flow; To inform them and to raise awareness. The morning newspaper has fulfilled this task. So, to warn citizens of all media organizations and say that we can fulfill the task of preparing for the upcoming natural phenomena adequately? Especially the television . Unfortunately no. In the wake of such a tradition, all media organizations had to go into alarm.

Posts sure that the reader without interruption until it reaches everybody and they should continue to stimulate the audience. This was captured been made with less people on the street to hail and floods, more people are prepared for this shock; Human and material damage would be less. I agree, we are talking about a very sudden and exceptional hadith. Maybe it was not expected to be so powerful and destructive. But none of this is an excuse. There is no guarantee that anyone in the future will suffer more and more violence. When it comes to human life and community health, it is necessary to take all the signs and probabilities into consideration and prioritize the related news. Read on this side and watchers can be prepared, forced to take precautions, disasters and disasters can be avoided with less damage. Our media can only come to the desired level in heavy snowfall news in the last few years. I do not think it will take long for him to develop himself and his reflexes in this regard. As a result, once the tree is down. We had a good time. I hope we get lessons.