Tim Ball: Climate ‘Experts’ demonstrate lack of understanding of basic climate patterns and mechanisms

The media have had a field day the past few weeks as heat induced mania has taken over the usual rent seeker's suspects; To those who really should know better; It always amazes how Co2 manages to be so selective that it almost exclusively gets rolled out every time there's some heat (in summer!) yet … Continue reading Tim Ball: Climate ‘Experts’ demonstrate lack of understanding of basic climate patterns and mechanisms


New England’s Heat Wave Of 1911

OMG the globe is on fire…. 107 years ago!



By Paul Homewood

We often get carried away by climate statistics, but here’s the human story behind the deadly 1911 heat wave in New England:


The July 1911 heat wave killed thousands of New Englanders and sent many over the brink of madness.

During 11 hellish days, horses dropped in the street. Babies didn’t wake up from their naps. Boats in Providence Harbor oozed pitch and began to take on water. Tar in the streets bubbled like hot syrup. Trees shed their leaves, grass turned to dust and cows’ milk started to dry up.

In every major northeastern city, the sweltering heat drove people to suicide.

On July 4, temperatures hit 103 in Portland, 104 in Boston (a record that still stands), 105 in Vernon, Vt., and 106 in Nashua, N.H., and Bangor, Maine. At least 200 died from drowning, trying to cool off in rivers, lakes, ponds and…

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The truth behind the Baffin Bay starving polar bear video is worse than we thought

This is what propaganda looks like


Remember that video of an emaciated Baffin Island polar bear that went viral last December? In an unexpected follow-up (“Starving-Polar-Bear Photographer Recalls What Went Wrong“; National Geographic, August 2018 issue), photographer Cristina Mittermeier makes some astonishing admissions that might just make you sick.

Baffin Island starving pb headline_GlobalNews_8 Dec 2017

It turns out they didn’t just come across the dying bear the day it was filmed: it was spotted at least two days earlier by Paul Nicklen. He must have had a satellite phone with him when he saw the bear but the only call he made was to his film crew — he made no attempt to find a local conservation officer to euthanize the bear, which would have been the right thing to do.

The bear’s emaciated, near-death stagger1 was simply too tantilizing to pass up (video needs action: an emaciated dead bear would not been nearly as effective). Mittermeier claims they…

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Booker: Yes it’s scorching, but not climate change

CO2 is such magical stuff that it’s causing the high pressure bringing the cold in South America 😂


Tallbloke's Talkshop

Credit: BBC
The occasional hot summer in the UK is nothing new. There was one in 1976 and, as Booker points out, a particularly hot one as long ago as 1846. As usual the behaviour of the jet stream is a major factor.

Yes it’s scorching, but claims that the heatwave is down to climate change are just hot air: June was even hotter when Victoria was on the throne, writes CHRISTOPHER BOOKER for the Daily Mail.

There is at least one thing about this summer of 2018 on which we can all agree: the past months have unquestionably been swelteringly, abnormally hot.

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Weather Warning For Snowflakes

Surely this is such a threat that the population must be in decline from all these weather threats… 😆


By Paul Homewood


The Met Office has been lampooned after it issued nanny state advice warning Brits to stay indoors for days on end as a Mediterranean heatwave melts the country.

There was an official amber advisory put out on Monday morning telling people not to leave the house for hours every day until Friday.

But millions of Brits defied the warning and flocked to beaches and parks across the country before blasting the weather service for trying to spoil summer and promote a ‘soft Britain’.

Many social media users tagged the Met Office on Twitter and asked how they were meant to get to work and pay the bills if they’re stuck inside all day.

Many Brits were baffled by the Met Office’s warning, with Nick Lyskov rightly pointing out: ‘You don’t go on holiday and sit inside do you?!’

Tommy Roberts wrote: ‘State of this country. Instead of…

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Premier league of heatwaves (1850-2018)

A really nice look back at some historical heatwaves. Having lived in London and now on the edge of countryside I can say I’m glad I’m not living in a concrete jungle in these conditions. The night minimums a few weeks back were in the region of 10 degrees warmer there.

Wanstead Meteo

The media are always keen to say ‘a heatwave is on the way’ when it is more likely to just be a short spell of fine weather with temperatures a few degrees above average.

The Daily Express has flagged up ridiculous weather stories so often that it is now beyond parody The Daily Express, which usually goes over-the-top when there is any sign of heat on the horizon, has been relatively quiet of late

Forecasts of 30C and above see editors up and down the land reaching for their stock pics of office workers and kids enjoying ice creams in parks.

‘Hotter than the Costas’ and other hackeneyed headlines are wheeled out as photos of scantily-clad women frolicking in the sea at Brighton illustrate this amazing fact – the more ubiquitous shirtless lorry drivers on the capital’s roads never seem to make the final editions.

So how do you quantify a heatwave? Even in an average year the UK normally sees at least one spell of very warm…

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Wind Output 40% Down On Last Year

Now where are the articles telling us how wonderful wind power is?



By Paul Homewood


AS Britain continues to swelter in the heat, the blades of country’s wind turbines are turning incredibly slowly in the face of a nationwide “wind drought” which has seen a dramatic drop in the amount of energy produced.

By Ciaran McGrath

PUBLISHED: 11:08, Wed, Jul 18, 2018 | UPDATED: 11:28, Wed, Jul 18, 2018


New figures compiled by Imperial College London’s Rod Gross revealed July’s wind output was down by 40 percent so far compared with the same period last year.

He said: “We’ve been typically doing between two to three gigawatts of wind [generation].

“At a windier time of the year we might be doing nine or 10.”

The unusual stillness in the air is the result of a sustained period of high, dense pressure over the UK, according to the Met Office.

A Met Office spokesman said: “It’s like a lid, it keeps everything still.

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