Paris rats, rain, floods and snow

Wanstead Meteo

It’s all been happening in the French capital recently with deep snow replacing floods and rats as the main problem hampering residents. paris

Some great footage is doing the rounds on social media of people of varying abilities partaking in various wintersports; Montmartre hill turning into an impromptu playground.

Last month parts of the city flooded, the Seine swollen by higher than usual rainfall in the area surrounding the city.

The high water levels appears to have…

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Travel chaos in France as snow blankets Paris

Ah but they have been preparing for warmth 😉

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Closed due to snow [image credit: BBC]
This is the place where top politicians met to ‘save the world’ from climate change aka global warming. Who needs snowploughs in cities any more?

Snowfall has caused huge traffic jams and hampered train services in the Paris region as the French capital experiences its first real dose of wintry weather this season, reports France 24.

The Meteo France weather service put the greater Paris region on alert for snow and black ice on roads, among 28 departments it expected to be on alert across the country until late on Wednesday.

The weather caused major gridlock across the city, with more than 700 kilometres (430 miles) of traffic jams recorded by Tuesday evening, and similar congestion expected through Wednesday after the snowfall intensified overnight.

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Falcon Heavy – Just a Mannequin Playing Space Oddity on the Radio

***Update***Despite the successful launch and two of the three rockets being safely returned it seems the Pigs in Space mission has not gone quite according to plan we see this?***Ends***Despite Elon Musk being a piggy with his snout deeper in the government trough than any Eurocrat could ever dream of, this is still pretty cool.

The severe cold spell of February 1991

My abiding memory of that winter was the difficulty making snowballs, they absolutely refused to stick together. I did make a snow fort, with much effort, which was my barometer of the spell. Ever since then I make something and when it’s gone so is the cold spell.

Wanstead Meteo

The cold spell of February 1991 saw unusually deep snowfall in central London. The 20cm recorded at St James’s Park on the 8th was the greatest cover recorded at the site since the severe winter of 1962/63.

Courtesy of the Met Office

My own memory of the event was that the synoptics evolved fairly quickly. I was away at university at the time and had to be back for a family event that weekend. After seeing a forecast predicting that a foot of snow was on the way I jumped on a train a day earlier than planned and returned to London. The following morning all hell had broken loose as deep snow paralysed public transport.

Snow fell on the following 6 days with no thawing as the temperature remained below zero until the 10th. The maximum of the 7th was -3C. By the 9th there was widely 20cm of…

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John Hammond – Winter could drag into March

Where I live, crocuses and snowdrops are shooting skywards – adding a flash of early springtime vibrancy amidst the late winter drabness. They don’t know what’s about to hit them! In all honesty of course, none of us do! But as I mentioned in my last blog, there are compelling reasons why I think February … Continue reading John Hammond – Winter could drag into March