Useful Weather Links

[Note – this page is constantly under construction. If you have a suggested link, please leave a comment below. Thank you.]


    • Europe last 2 hours – Sat24

    Global Hurricane Models

    Hurricane Forecast Model Output – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

    Satellite Images

    a visualization of global weather conditions

    Tutorial by Ben Davidson,


    Lightning Maps

    Archived Charts and Data


    Model Viewers

    Stratospheric Data

    Weather Histories

      National Weather Services

      • World Meteorological Organization –

      Full List of Member Countries

      Weather Summaries

      Upper Atmosphere

      • Quasi Biennial Oscillation (QBO) NASA

      9 thoughts on “Useful Weather Links

      1. VINDICATED for SHIELDING EARTH and HUMANKIND from excessive space plasma that may blow up all nukes and cause an extinction event!!!
        Scientists discovered that very low frequency radio transmissions from Earth may help to create an “impenetrable barrier” at the inner edge of the outer Van Allen radiation belt that keeps the belt’s “killer electrons” away from Earth. 12-2015

      2. This link could be usefull for readers—-—-I found this page while trawling through ‘Eumetsat’ website.
        Try clicking on Europe Western vis 0.6 color (In daylight of course)for a beautiful view of the clouds.

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