Piers Corbyn

[In his childhood] Piers Corbyn began recording weather and climate patterns, constructing his own observation equipment. He obtained a first-class honors degree in physics at Imperial College London. In 1969, he became the first president of the Imperial College Students’ Union to be directly elected by the student body. He later studied astrophysics in 1979 at Queen Mary College, London, and then began examining the relationship between Earth’s weather and climate and solar activity. Following many years of weather prediction as an occupation, Piers formed WeatherAction in 1995, where he sells web-accessible long-range monthly forecasts for Britain and Ireland, Europe, and the USA plus special forecasts of ‘Red Weather periods’ and related increases in thunder/tornado and earthquake risk.

This website is operated by CraigM350 with Piers’ knowledge. The author is provided WeatherAction forecasts for monitoring purposes. The author does not have a commercial interest in WeatherAction or blogging at this moment and may not accept invitations/requests of certain type which he deems inappropriate.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Weatheraction, dear Craig, dear Piers,

    Just in case you may have missed this extraordinary weather event (which is not even reported among the main news headlines today on the Dutch new website nu.nl), the first snow for the 2015/2016 winter has fallen today (14 October) in the south of the Netherlands (Limburg). This is unusually early; only on one occasion before (in 1975) snow has been observed earlier than that, on 13 October.

    For the original news item, see http://www.nu.nl/dvn/4145064/weer-perioden-met-regen-en-natte-sneeuw.html#eerste-sneeuw-van-het-najaar-3
    For a picture demonstrating the early snowfall, see http://media.nu.nl/m/doqxdo7awh1u_wd1280.jpg

    Kind regards,
    Laurens Kil

  2. Dear Craig, dear Piers,

    After some calculations on raw and homogenised data sets from the KNMI, I have visualized the temperature corrections for KNMI’s main station de Bilt. Main conclusion is that the corrections clearly cool pre-1950 summers, and that the correction for urban heat effects is cancelled from 2006 onwards, for undisclosed reasons.
    Full story with all graphs can be found on my new blog: tradingmagicforfact.wordpress.com

    If you are interested in sharing this story, please go ahead. If you want me to send you some of the graphs separately for your own use, no problem, please indicate what graphs you would like to receive.

    Kind regards,

  3. HI
    Have you any thought on flooding and the inability to dredge rivers in Britain and other European countries since 2000, when we adopted the European Water Framework Directive ?

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