Watch Sargon of Akkad Interview Piers Corbyn “Wealth Redistribution Through Climate Activism “

This is going to be fun....

Watch @adapt2030 “@Piers_Corbyn Astrophysicist: Uptick in Global Climate Events and What to Expect into 2023 (PART 1)”

David interviews Piers on his thoughts about what lies ahead.

Watch: Tim Pool Greta Thunberg And AOC’s Climate Doomsaying Is Making Children Go Insane With “Eco-Anxiety” Tim Pool may disagree with sceptics, but he's not wrong in defining the religious eco-zealotry of those pushing the doomsday agenda - even if he conflates practices which damage our environment with the current climate change moral panic.

#Snowmageddon: State of Emergency in Newfoundland as Canadians Dig Themselves Out After Record Blizzard

That is one heck of a snow storm! 😳 Residents had been told to prepare for an expected 40 to 75 centimetres of snow. By 12:30 p.m., 33 centimetres had already been recorded at St. John's International Airport since 5 a.m., according to Environment Canada meteorologist David Neil. He said 20 centimetres had … Continue reading #Snowmageddon: State of Emergency in Newfoundland as Canadians Dig Themselves Out After Record Blizzard

Deadly snow storm hits India, Afghanistan and Pakistan

h/t Argiris Diamantis Back on 3rd Jan I wrote: Quite a cold wave over India: on 30/12 Delhi had a new Dec low of 9.4C, some 11.4C below the normal & far less than the 11.3C previous record from Dec 97 (records since 1901), beating the coldest ever recorded temp from Jan 2013 of 9.8C … Continue reading Deadly snow storm hits India, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Saudi Arabia: Heavy Snow in the Desert Kingdom

Friday 10th January. It's snowed in the Desert Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: TABUK: Tabuk’s northern region has been affected by a polar wave since Friday morning, with snow covering most of the wild and mountainous areas and Haql governate’s Jabal Al-Lawz, Al-Daher and Alqan mountains. The northern region is a popular … Continue reading Saudi Arabia: Heavy Snow in the Desert Kingdom

New Hurricane Study Finds “No Obvious Trends”


By Paul Homewood

As study after study shows, real world data keeps telling us that global warming is not making hurricanes worse.

A new study by Roger Pielke Jr and Ryan Maue based on global landfall data since 1970 has confirmed this yet again:


In 2019 the three most costly catastrophes were the consequence of tropical cyclones, according to the reinsurance company Munich Re. Typhoons Hagibis and Faxai struck Japan, together causing more than $26 billion in losses and Typhoon Lekima caused more than $8 billion in losses across Asia.

Tropical cyclones, which are called hurricanes in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific between Hawaii and Mexico, are historically responsible for the greatest amount of damage among weather and climate related events. Understanding the behavior of tropical cyclones on planet earth is thus a priority among scientists, and includes attention to short-term forecasting and long-term climate trends.

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‘Climate change doesn’t cause fires’

You can’t blame climate change when you’ve restricted access to millions of hectares of densely thickened eucalypt forests and wonder why they go up in smoke.

You can’t blame climate change when you haven’t back burned this millennium.

You can’t blame climate change when there are no fire breaks or cool buffer zones installed around towns, houses and critical infrastructure.

Some people haven’t seemed to notice that Australia is the second driest continent on earth, it gets very hot around this time of year, every year and our vegetation has evolved over the last 60,000 years to love bushfires. Big ones.


By Paul Homewood


It’s November again and once again half of NSW and Queensland is battling bushfires.

It pains me to see rural and regional communities go through the trauma of out of control bushfires consuming land, forests, native fauna, homes, livelihoods and lives.

My family and my community went through the exact same process last year. It appears little has changed.

Some may say this is not the time to be playing politics around bushfires while people are battling to save their homes and businesses. However, it appears to me that the only time people and politicians will listen is when the flames are coming over the horizon or communities are left in ash.

As predictable as always, conservationists and opportunistic politicians are blaming these fires on climate change.

Before I get attacked for being a climate change denier – I am not. But I am also a climate…

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