Watch @adapt2030 “@Piers_Corbyn Astrophysicist: Uptick in Global Climate Events and What to Expect into 2023 (PART 1)”

David interviews Piers on his thoughts about what lies ahead.

New study detects ringing of the global atmosphere

The study focused particularly on waves with periods between 2 hours and 33 hours which travel horizontally through the atmosphere, moving around the globe at great speeds (exceeding 700 miles per hour). This sets up a characteristic “chequerboard” pattern of high and low pressure associated with these waves as they propagate


Interesting study. Thanks OB.

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Researchers now want to ‘understand both the processes that excite the waves and the processes that act to damp the waves.’
– – –
A ringing bell vibrates simultaneously at a low-pitched fundamental tone and at many higher-pitched overtones, producing a pleasant musical sound, says

A recent study, just published in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences by scientists at Kyoto University and the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, shows that the Earth’s entire atmosphere vibrates in an analogous manner, in a striking confirmation of theories developed by physicists over the last two centuries.

In the case of the atmosphere, the “music” comes not as a sound we could hear, but in the form of large-scale waves of atmospheric pressure spanning the globe and traveling around the equator, some moving east-to-west and others west-to-east.

Each of these waves is a resonant vibration of the global atmosphere, analogous to…

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Book Review: “Apocalypse Never” By Michael Shellenberger

climate policies toward the developing world are a form of neo-colonialism. “It is hypocritical and unethical to demand that poor nations follow a more expensive and thus slower path to prosperity that the West followed,”

#GreenImperialism is one of the most unnerving and disgusting tenets of those pushing the neoliberal green agenda, which I wrote about long ago:

It is a vile form of liberal racism based upon the belief the savages need saving – it’s for their own good! Simply put the Green agenda will kill millions. Malthusian gorilla huggers and their apocalyptic cult sicophants are a clear and present danger to all humankind.

PA Pundits - International

By Peter Murphy~

The way to a cleaner, sustainable planet is not to eliminate fossil fuels and nuclear power, but rather to expand their use, especially in developing countries to bring economic growth and prosperity, the way such sources did for the developed world.

This is one of the primary themes in the new book, Apocalypse Never, written not by a “climate denier” or “corporate shill.” Instead, author Michael Shellenberger is a 30-year environmental activist with street cred in various causes including saving California’s redwood forests and co-founding a “progressive Democratic, labor-environment push” in 2002 for the New Apollo Project, a renewable energy initiative that long predated the Green New Deal. He also is a Time magazine “Hero of the Environment.”

Shellenberger’s background is a key reason Apocalypse Never is so devastating to extremist environmentalism that has taken hold in politics, the media, K-12 education and popular culture…

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UK could hit 40C ‘regularly’ by end of this century–Says Flawed Met Office Study

You get the feeling natural forcing will bite these computer projections in the posterior, especially when the AMO turns.


By Paul Homewood


Sweltering temperatures of up to 40C could be a regular occurrence in the UK by 2100 if carbon emissions stay very high says the Met Office.

The current record stands at 38.7C, set in Cambridge last July.

This new study says there is an “increasing likelihood” of going beyond this figure, because of the human influence on the climate.

Under the worst emissions scenario, the 40C mark could occur every three and a half years by the end of this century.

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UK is no longer a ‘wet and rainy’ country, head of Environment Agency says

Rewind to April 2012 (the wettest drought on record).

Head of water resources at the Environment Agency Trevor Bishop said: “A longer-term drought, lasting until Christmas and perhaps beyond, now looks more likely.

“We are working with businesses, farmers and water companies to plan ahead to meet the challenges of a continued drought.

I’m beginning to think there is something in the water 🤔


By Paul Homewood


The UK can no longer be considered a wet country because of the effects of climate change, the head of the environment agency has said, as he urged people to turn off taps and take showers to save water.

More than 70 per cent of the county perceive the UK as a wet and rainy country and believe we have enough water to meet our needs, according to a new report supported by Sir James Bevan.

In a foreword, Sir James said that perception was “wrong”, despite the flooding seen during recent Storms Ciara and Dennis. Periods of extreme dry weather, linked to climate change, are putting strains on our water resources, with demand threatening to outstrip supply within 20 years, he said.

What planet is this guy on?

Rainfall has been increasing in the UK since the 1970s. This is, admittedly, mainly due to higher…

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BBC Alarmed By A Sunny Spring!

The first problem is of course using records that began in 1929, missing years like 1893-4 as Paul highlights, however the following is from a weather illiterate polemicist;

“Some scientists say these ‘stalled’ weather patterns are a result of climate change and the warming that is taking place in the Arctic region could lead to more extreme weather events in future,” he said.

Prof Liz Bentley, chief executive of the Royal Meteorological Society, said the swing from record-breaking wet weather to the months of sunshine was “unprecedented” and “concerning” because it showed how much the UK’s climate was changing.

Let’s go back to The Times in May 1980, a time when Artic warming was non existent;

What about those blocking highs then?

Trying to pin down the change in the weather /Burroughs, W. J. /The Times (London, England), Wednesday, May 21, 1980



By Paul Homewood

h/t pardonmeforbreathing


The UK has experienced its sunniest spring since records began in 1929, the Met Office has said.

It is also set to be the driest May on record for some parts of UK, including the driest in England for 124 years.

Some areas are already warning of drought conditions despite exceptionally wet weather and flooding earlier in the year.

But there are no plans for hosepipe bans yet, according to the water industry trade body Water UK.

The UK spent much of spring in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, but thousands flocked to beaches last week to enjoy the sun following a slight easing of restrictions in England.

Only nine springs on record have topped 500 hours of sunshine but, by Wednesday, the UK had clocked up 573 hours.

While the Met Office’s full figures will not be available until Monday, the village of…

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Watch “Piers Corbyn: ‘coronavirus just whacked on death certificates” his arrest at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park on Saturday,Piers Corbyn spoke to TalkRadio, or rather didn't get to speak much. 🙄Journalist James Delingpole attended the anti-lockdown protest and "was threatened with a fine and arrest for the crime of doing my job" wrote afterwards:everyone present could not quite believe just how easily so … Continue reading Watch “Piers Corbyn: ‘coronavirus just whacked on death certificates”

Whaley Bridge Dam Collapse Due To Poor Design & Maintenance, Not Climate Change

Tantrums and blame during the event yet silence when the examination of the causes, poor maintenance, becomes clear 🤔 Climate change attribution in a nutshell.


By Paul Homewood

h/t John Cooknell


You will no doubt recall the Whaley Bridge dam collapse last summer, which Sir James Bevan, Chairman of the Environment Agency, predictably blamed on climate change:

Well, it appears that Bevan and his chums at the EA were asleep at the wheel, because a full independent review into the near catastrophe, published a couple of months ago but seemingly not well publicised, puts the blame firmly on a combination of poor design, exacerbated by inadequate maintenance.

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Michael Moore’s new film skewers green energy

Dellers in fine fettle with his latest reviewing the film, so is the. algorithm 😅

Tallbloke's Talkshop

The non-solution to the non-problem gets another going-over. Anything that gives the lie to ‘clean green’ mythology and gets a few headlines has to be welcomed.
– – –
A newly-released documentary from contrarian filmmaker Michael Moore calls green energy a fraud that is destroying the Earth, says Lorrie Goldstein @ The Toronto Sun.

Planet of the Humans also accuses the environmental movement of selling out to corporate and Wall St. interests, by shilling for these so-called renewable technologies.

The film premiered at the Traverse City Film Festival in July, but Moore released it on YouTube for free for 30 days on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on Wednesday.

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Severe Spring Storms Send Sprite-Lightning to the Edge of Space

This could turn into one of the best sprite seasons on record. Why? Solar Minimum. The sun is currently experiencing one of the deepest minima in 100 years. As the sun’s magnetic field weakens, more cosmic rays from deep space are reaching Earth. Some researchers believe that cosmic rays help sprites get started by creating conductive paths in the atmosphere

April 23, 2020: A series of unusually severe spring storms parading across the southeastern USA has residents taking shelter from golf-ball sized hail and dangerous tornadoes. High above the maelstrom, sprites are dancing. Paul M. Smith of Edmond, Oklahoma, captured these specimens on April 22nd.

“There were tornado warnings and very large hail throughout the night,” says Smith. “I photographed the sprites through a clearing around midnight.”

Sprites are a form of electricity in powerful storm clouds. While regular lightning lances down, sprites leap up. They can reach all the way to the edge of space 90 km or more above Earth’s surface. Spring thunderstorms often produce the year’s first big sprites, and the sightings continue through late summer.

“My camera was pointed toward Oklahoma City,” says Smith, “and the sprites were about 150 miles away.” This radar weather map shows shows the observing geometry:

When observing sprites, this kind…

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Timing of Earth’s biggest earthquakes follows a ‘devil’s staircase’ pattern

a change of any part — e.g., rupture of a fault or fault segment — could affect the behavior of the whole system,” scientists wrote in their paper.

The devil’s staircase pattern is also evidence in Earth’s sedimentation sequences and reversals of the planet’s magnetic field, as well as crustal uplift and erosion rates.

Now that is a most interesting find.

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[click on image to enlarge]
Fractals linked to earthquakes. Is that a first?

The timing of large, shallow earthquakes across the globe follows a mathematical pattern known as the devil’s staircase, according to a new study of seismic sequences.

Previously, scientists and their models have theorized that earthquake sequences happen periodically or quasi-periodically, following cycles of growing tension and release.

Researchers call it the elastic rebound model, says UPI.

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Melting Ice Reveals Lost Viking Mountain Pass

Do you trust reconstructed hockeystick or what our lying eyes tell us?

Accordingly, the Vikings were not just dumb, they also had dumb luck: They discovered Greenland during a time known as the Medieval Warm Period, which lasted from about 900 to 1300. Sea ice decreased during those centuries, so sailing from Scandinavia to Greenland became less hazardous. Longer growing seasons made it feasible to graze cattle, sheep and goats in the meadows along sheltered fjords on Greenland’s southwest coast. In short, the Vikings simply transplanted their medieval European lifestyle to an uninhabited new land, theirs for the taking.

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Innlandet county, Norway [credit: NordNordWest @ Wikipedia]

The headline is a strong indication that modern climatic conditions have occurred before within the last two millennia at least. Any claims that today’s conditions can’t be natural have to be weighed against such evidence.

The retreating mountain glaciers of Norway have revealed a host of rare archaeological finds and uncovered a lost mountain pass at Lendbreen in Innlandet County, report archaelogists from Cambridge University.

The finds tell a remarkable story of high-altitude travel and long distance exchange c. 300 – 1500 AD with a peak in usage c. 1000 AD during the Viking Age.

A team of archaeologists from Norway and Cambridge have published details of these artefacts today in the journal Antiquity.

“A lost mountain pass melting out of the ice is a dream discovery for glacial archaeologists,” says Lars Pilø, first author of the study and…

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Wind turbine models overestimated output: to cost millions per year

How is this not outright fraud? Oh yeah, because they’re trying to save the planet by fleecing the lot of us – based on dodgy models. The problem of the Age.

Copenhagen-based Orsted A/S announced that offshore wind farms wouldn’t produce quite as much power as previously forecast. The adjustment could shave millions of dollars of revenue a year off each project. It’s also a warning to other developers who may have used similar analysis to estimate the economics of their projects.

Orsted is the leader in placing turbines at sea, with projects across Europe, Asia and the U.S….

“Our findings point to a higher negative effect on production than earlier models had predicted,” Orsted’s Chief Financial Officer Marianne Wiinholt

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Who could have guessed turbines might block the wind going to other turbines?

H/T Sasha Via Bloomberg:

The world’s biggest developer of offshore wind farms issued a reality check to the industry, saying it has overestimated the amount of time its turbines are generating electricity.

Copenhagen-basedOrsted A/Sannounced that offshore wind farms wouldn’t produce quite as much power as previously forecast. The adjustment could shave millions of dollars of revenue a year off each project. It’s also a warning to other developers who may have used similar analysis to estimate the economics of their projects.

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Causes of the Rapid Warming of the North Atlantic Ocean in the Mid-1990s

Excellent work and something to keep an eye on in the years ahead.


By Paul Homewood


Most of us are probably familiar with the pattern of Arctic sea ice decline between 1979 and 2007, followed by a period of relative stability. Most of the decline took place after the mid 1990s.

The decline is nearly always explained away as the result of global warming, but a couple of old studies show this not to be the case.

In 2011, Robson & Sutton found that the sub polar gyre underwent remarkable and rapid warming in the mid 1990s, and that this was linked to changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation:



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Watch “Coronavirus and Climate Change – #PropagandaWatch”

Agenda and ideologically driven members of our society don't exactly fall into the "we're in this together brother" category. As bad as panic buying stocks which deprive others, they are using the Covid-19 global crisis to push the Green agenda - practically salivating at the result of death and disruption making it quite clear the … Continue reading Watch “Coronavirus and Climate Change – #PropagandaWatch”

About Antarctica

A very good primer on Antarctica for when it inevitably pops up in the media.

Thongchai Thailand





  1. Antarctica is broken into two pieces. On the west is West Antarctica that constitutes 20% of Antarctica. The upper portion of West Antarctica forms a thumb. It’s called the Antarctic Peninsula. The remaining 80% of Antarctica is called East Antarctica. The image below shows a NASA graph that reflects ice melting on the entire continent from 1995 to 2015. It is here shown as a proxy for ice melting denominated as millimeters of sea level rise due to meltwater. Note that West Antarctica, inclusive of the Antarctic…

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March 2019–Environment Agency Warn Of Water Shortages In England!

Timely reminder that we keep saying this but the #NetZero idealogues don’t listen. As Hubert Lamb wrote :

I have always thought it a misfortune that the general introduction of plumbing into British homes coincided with the quite unusual run of mild winters between 1896 and 1936. And possibly some of the modern glass architecture and the hill-top sites with an open south-west aspect which became so desirable a few years ago seem less to be recommended in the 1950s

I don’t think even Homer Simpson is as dense as our ruling classes.


By Paul Homewood


Within 25 years England will not have enough water to meet demand, the head of the Environment Agency is warning.

The impact of climate change, combined with population growth, means the country is facing an “existential threat”, Sir James Bevan told the Waterwise Conference in London.

He wants to see wasting water become “as socially unacceptable as blowing smoke in the face of a baby”.

“We all need to use less water and use it more efficiently,” he said.

Sir James Bevan was appointed chief executive of the Environment Agency – the public body responsible for protecting the environment and wildlife in England – in 2015 after a career as a diplomat.

He told his audience that, in around 20 to 25 years, England would reach the “jaws of death – the point at which, unless we take action to change things, we will not have enough…

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