Watch “Arctic Is Screaming! – Telling Scientists To Shut Up”

The only sound you are most likely to hear is a combination of ice crunching up against the hull of the ship that hosts scientists screaming to be saved from the “rotten” ice after another public funded jaunt to gleefully watch it “melt” has give horribly wrong. Again

And again

And again

As Ron Clutz recently said;

We are about 50 days away from the annual Arctic ice extent minimum, which typically occurs on or about day 260 (mid September). Some take any year’s slightly lower minimum as proof that Arctic ice is dying, but the image below shows day 260 over the last 10 years. The Arctic heart is beating clear and strong.

Alternately trust your own lying eyes, unfettered by the lens of imaginary computer simulations and projections, and pop over to Caleb’s to catch up with the natural ebbs and flows of our northerly pole;

Call me jaded if you will, but I find it hard to stir the embers of my diminishing interest in the so-called Climate Wars into any sort of blaze. I have the sense I am not debating an idea, but rather dealing with a delaying-tactic. When you are dealing with people inclined towards the immoral concept that “the ends justify the means”, their “ends” justify any and all untruth. Once debate has exposed their dishonesty, they need to slump to a fall-back position wherein they hope to avoid the consequences (of the exposure of their fraud) long enough for the “ends” to kick in. Their hope is that when they pass under a rainbow and through pearly gates to their dreamed-of utopia, some sort of statute of limitations will pardon them for their lies, calling them “white lies”. It was all for a good cause.


In terms of Arctic Sea-Ice there is all sorts of Beauty to see and share, about the variations involved, but they are blind to it, because they have one-track-minds, and are determined to prove a single point: Capitalism (and/or Christianity) is bad, and the proof mankind is bad is that the sea-ice is vanishing, (even when it isn’t). For example, an enormous ice-breaker from Finland recently went plowing through the Northwest Passage, and set a new record for the “earliest” passage. The media suggested that the fact the passage was so “early” must mean there was less ice due to Global Warming. Was there? Take a look for yourself:

New Arctic The Journey This does not look like an “Ice Free Pole” to me. Furthermore, it is down near 70° north latitude, not up at the Pole at 90°. To me it looks like the record was set because Finland built a heck of a fine ice-breaker, (holding the world’s largest sea-going crane and a landing pad for big helicopters), and this fine ship was able to bash through ice six and even nine feet thick. But does the Media praise Finland and give credit where credit is due?


So what is new? The media shrieks the Pole is melting. Ho hum. Do they look at the polar temperatures? No? Ho hum. In actual fact Polar temperatures have barely touched normal six times, and have otherwise been below normal 120 straight days

But yeah it’s screaming and rotten alright, but it’s not the ice that’s rotten or doing the screaming.

DELINGPOLE: Ship of Fools III – Global Warming Study Cancelled Because of ‘Unprecedented’ Ice

A global warming research study in Canada has been cancelled because of “unprecedented” thick summer ice.

Naturally, the scientist in charge has blamed it on ‘climate change.’

According to Vice:

The study, entitled BaySys, is a $17-million four-year-long program headed by the University of Manitoba. It was planning to conduct the third leg of its research by sending 40 scientists from five Canadian universities out into the Bay on the Canadian Research Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen to study “contributions of climate change and regulation on the Hudson Bay system.”

But it had to be cancelled because the scientists’ icebreaker was required by the Canadian Coast Guard for a rather more urgent purpose – rescuing fishing boats and supply ships which had got stuck in the “unprecedented ice conditions”.

“It became clear to me very quickly that these weren’t just heavy ice conditions, these were unprecedented ice conditions,” Dr. David Barber, the lead scientist on the study, told VICE. “We were finding thick multi-year sea ice floes which on level ice were five metres thick… it was much, much thicker and much, much heavier than anything you would expect at that latitude and at that time of year.”

Clearly not one to let a crisis go to waste, Barber seized the opportunity to perform the usual alarmist clown dance for the media, explaining why this incident definitely shows that global warming is a major problem and deserving of our urgent attention.

He told Vice:

“It was clear it was from the Arctic, I just needed to be among the ice to see it,” said Dr. Barber. “What was also clear to me was that climate change has caused this event to happen.”

Warming to his theme, he told Global News:

“This is climate change fully in action – affecting our ability to make use of marine resources and transport things.”


“This is a wake-up call for all of us in the country.”

Of course it is. Now Barber has the perfect excuse to share his war stories with all the other global warming experts who have had their research expeditions/publicity stunts stymied by unseasonal bouts of global warming.


Watch “Mini Ice Age by 2021 not 2024, Every Continent Will be Effected (284)” on YouTube

In his latest video David DuByne has picked up on an article from last November which includes quotes from WeatherAction’s Piers Corbyn. 

It’s not clear from the article if David Hathaway is referring to a Grand Solar Minimum or Solar Cycle 24, however the likelyhood is the latter. 

David Hathaway’s prediction for Solar Cycle 25 

Small cycles, like Cycle 24, start late and leave behind long cycles with deep extended minima [Hathaway, 2015]. We expect a similar deep, extended minimum for the Cycle 24/25 minimum in 2020.

can be seen here.

The Daily Express article is here