Monsoon Floods Are A Fact Of Life In India


By Paul Homewood


Paul alerts me to this story in the Toronto Star.

DEOLI-BENIGRAM, INDIA—There is no good time to ask someone to relive a catastrophic flood.

But a rainy day is the worst.

It is early morning and Deoli-Benigram, a charming village sprawled over an eastern Himalayan peak, is drenched. It has been raining since the previous evening — a persistent drizzle that shows no sign of stopping.

“Rain frightens me,” says Jyoti Semwal. The 27-year-old mother of two is sitting in her two-storey home; a picture window looks down into the valley but the steady rain and dense fog obscure the view.

She doesn’t want to talk about the June day last year when it started raining, triggering floods that carried away thousands of people, including 57 men from her village.

She doesn’t want to discuss that day, or how it changed her life.

But she does…

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