This has a deeply unpleasant odour but why does it come as no surprise?


Yesterday, on the anniversary of the Mother of Parliament’s rescue from a legendary terrorist attack, her current stewards shamed British democracy — on the Climate Change issue, of all things: crucial both to the economy and to the growing numbers in fuel poverty.

Roger Helmer, MEP, had travelled from Brussels THE SAME MORNING.

He told TruthExcites that he “had taken the Eurostar from Brussels to London, to speak at Piers Corbyn’s Climate event, in a room at the House of Commons, booked by Sammy Wilson MP” — only to find, on arrival, that “the plan appeared to be in chaos”.

“The parliament room service had cancelled the booking. Some 50+ guests were registered, and they were variously told that the event was cancelled or that it had been moved elsewhere.”

Was this boorish bumbling driven by establishment fear of Global Warming scepticism — and its popular, evidence-rich advocates?


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