Record Snow on Swedish Mountain…in August!


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A well into August and it is still a record amount of snow left in the mountain area around Klimpfjäll. A very unique situation, says the residents in the area.

The approaching autumn and still do not have the snow melting away on the mountains. Villagers in Klimpfjäll can not remember there ever been so much snow left at this time.

– I’ve plowed this since the 60s and this much snow has never been there. It would have been gone by now but it’s not, says Agne Eliasson in Klimpfjäll.

Image: Wikipedia

More snow than adjustable in height

Helicopter pilot Jerry Viklund has flown in Klimpfjäll and Stekenjokk area for over 30 years, and says he never even have seen so much snow at this time.

– Snowdrifts in the low mountain should normally be gone now. If you go to the Norwegian border further west at 1100 meters altitude, then there is more snow than bare ground. Then there’s water on the Norwegian side that is still covered with ice, said Jerry 

Story here

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