Met Office Move The Goal Posts!

Watch the pea 🙂


By Paul Homewood


Back in 2011, the Met Office published their decadal forecast for global temperatures. Their chart showed that temperatures in 1998 peaked well above subsequent years, even 2010.

Note also that the observed temperatures were close to dropping out of the bottom of their range of predictions (the red band).


12-month rolling averages

They even conveniently provide the actual annual temperatures:

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One thought on “Met Office Move The Goal Posts!

  1. Snow hits southern stock hard 7 September 2015
    Farmers in the lower South Island are hoping to see the back of the weekend’s snow storm, which brought this winter’s 10th snow fall.
    MetService said parts of south Otago and northern Southland received snow over the weekend, and while the worst of it is over, snow could still fall to 300 metres in those areas.
    Snow at this time of the year is not unexpected by farmers, but it arrived while animals were in the midst of lambing and calving. South Otago farm manager Tim Williams said they had about eight centimetres of snow.
    Mr Williams, who farms in the Clinton Gorge, said some of his stock are lambing and calving and while he expects to lose some, it’s too soon to know how many animals may have died.
    Mr Williams said feed was in a desperate situation as there hadn’t been any grass growth.

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