30 year rolling trends in CET, CRUTEM & GISS data

Must say the stark warming at the start of the 18th is quite impressive. Sadly it is often ignored by focus on shorter term data sets. One of my favourite Lamb quotes covers the periods shown in Bruce’s graph: “There have been other striking ‘ameliorations’ before – even during the Little Ice Age : the mild periods around the 1630s, 1730s, 1770s and 1840s must have been quite impressive”
The 1990’s into the mid 00’s were another.
Excellent as always Bruce. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “30 year rolling trends in CET, CRUTEM & GISS data

  1. Thanks Craig for re-posting this blog which I put together. Getting the code I use to generate the linear trend values was a bit fraught but I think I nailed it in the end. I think the title looks a bit dry and I probably should have just called it “The Pause”.

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