Wave Drowns CO2 Warming

Science Matters

This post presents key findings from the recently published paper:
Anthropogenic CO2 warming challenged by 60-year cycle (here) by
François Gervais
Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences & Techniques, François Rabelais University, Parc de Grandmont, 37200 Tours, France

In the synopsis below, Gervais puts his study in context, followed by his conclusions.

The Global Warming Debate Rages

The impact on climate of the CO2 emitted by burning of fossil fuels is a long-standing debate illustrated by 1637 papers found in the Web of Science by crossing the keywords

“anthropogenic” AND “greenhouse OR CO2” AND “warming”

This is to be compared to more than 1350 peer-reviewed papers which express reservations about dangerous anthropogenic CO2 warming and/or insist on the natural variability of climate.

Signatures of 60-year Climate Wave

Time series of sea-level rise are fitted by a sinusoid of period ~ 60 years, confirming the cycle reported for the…

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