3 thoughts on “Signs of the Mini Ice Age – Antarctic Smashes Previous Record

  1. At what point will the ice be a huge factor in reflecting the sunlight back. Meaning what is the tipping point?
    In addition, nice blog. WordPress is not always to use.

    • Thanks Mike. You can fiddle with wordpress but it costs. Mostly it’s great for reblogging or the press this feature – great for when time is short!

      Think it will take a lot more to get to a tipping point and the record is far too short to draw firm conclusions from. Next year if the record is broken again would certainly raise my eyebrows.

      I think the real tipping points come during the lulls in solar activity and towards minimum. They look to be hitting as the Pacific and Atlantic will both be in their cool phases. Oh and the odd volcano – seems to be a package.

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