Heathrow Hijinks

While some is from the acres of hot asphalt runways cooking in the sun, in part it’s from the actual burning of the fuel. Have you ever been caught by the blast from a jumbo jet, even from far away? I have, many times. It smells like kerosene, and it’s warmer than the surrounding air, sometimes much warmer. When one of these blasts hits you, you can easily feel the difference in temperature … and so can the airport thermometer.

An excellent piece by Willis that really shows the Met Office must try harder. It was a record that day, but not a valid one. The Met Office contortions in defence of the narrative sadly undo every bit of their great historical works, showing instead their unswerving devotion to Climate Lysenkoism.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Once again the Week In Review-Science Edition over at Dr. Judith Curry’s website brings up interesting news. It appears that the first of July was hot in the UK, and among others the airport at Heathrow set a record high temperature for the date.. This led to a bit of a flap over in the land of the Anglo-Saxophones.

The British newspaper The Telegraph said that they thought the record was bogus. They theorized that it was caused by jet exhaust and wind changes, which seems quite reasonable to me. In response, the Met Office swung into action and posted up a page on their “Carbon Sense” blog saying that no, it was a break in the clouds that did it, the extra sun raised the temperature. Here’s their money graph:

heathrow temp vs radiationFigure 1. Graph of solar radiation and temperature at Heathrow for the hottest hour…

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