Watch “Children Make Perfect Propaganda Props – #PropagandaWatch”

Climate Deniers Cast into the Fire as the Believers are Welcomed to Gaia’s Bosom

The key to indoctrination is getting them whilst they’re young. It looks like in schools at least it’s paid off. However, having just 12 years left means there’s a good chance many will wake up in a few years when the doomsday scenario they’ve been sold looks less and less likely. According to the narrative of my school years we are supposed to have long run or of energy, food, suffocated, frazzled, all dead from AIDS and miriad of other tribulations. Somehow humanity, glaciers, polar bears and the ice caps are still there.

There is a great waft that this popular movement is the modern of equivalent of the religious fervour and fanaticism that fueled The Children’s Crusade 800 years ago.

You cannot blame the children but you can those funding and manipulating our children. They are sick and evil. It is simply that back and white.

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