Piers Corbyn – “The Mid-Atlantic ‘cold blob’ is a total defeat for CO2 warmist delusion and vindication of Solar-Lunar driven Wild Jet stream / Mini Ice Age conditions”


As things stand on January 17th 2016

North Atlantic Sea Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies
North Atlantic Sea Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

The change over the past 7 days




This is how things stand as of 16th November 2015



North Atlantic



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Piers responds to some of the media nonsense doing the rounds ahead of the public funded Paris knees up.


“Claims that the mid-Atlantic cold blob (and associated mid-Atlantic high pressure blocking tendency) are a consequence of man-made CO2 global warming under some sort of doublethink ‘cold is warm’ circulation pattern switch are delusional nonsense propagated by the anti-science spin docors of the UN-Pope-Obama CO2 shameless cabal” said Piers.

“Their notion is cretin physics – total drivel – with no evidential basis whatsoever.


1. The Jet stream (which divides colder Northern regions of the globe from warmer equator-ward parts; and similarly in S Hem) is in recent years longer and more wavy than it has been for 30 years. This INEVITABLY COLDER on average world regime is the opposite of the promise of the CO2 warmists of a shorter less wavy jet stream which would inevitably go with a warmer globe.

2. This colder world longer more wavy jet-stream / Mini Ice Age regime was predicted by  Piers Corbyn’s Solar-Lunar theory – announced in Dec 2008*.

(*at the Royal College of Science Association HG Wells centenary event and presented in New York 2009)

3. Now – and continuing for about 20 years – as we warned, the more southerly track of Atlantic lows following the more southerly jet stream has helped switch the Gulf stream of warm Atlantic currents to a weaker northern branch (towards Scotland+Norway)  and stronger southern branch (towards Spain), and a consequential cold blob in mid-Atlantic.

4. THIS IS AN INEVITABLE AND NECESSARY CONDITION FOR PROLONGED MINI-ICE AGE CONDITIONS IN THE COMING 20 YEARS OR SO in Britain, Ireland and Europe. The switch to Winter Offset polar-vortex has already taken hold for USA+Canada.

5. As with ALL prolonged large scale circulation patterns this mid-Atlantic cold blob appears more strongly with an approximate periodicity of the Piers Corbyn’s SLAT (Solar-Lunar Action Technique) fundamental beat period of around 60 years (in an smoothed sense). The data shows such happened about 60 years ago and around 120 years ago.

SEE http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/34489981 where the approx 60 year cycle is apparent in the graph shown on the video. NOTE the video contains at least one direct lie namely that ‘the world is continuing to warm’. This claim is false and relies on surface data fraud – the ignoring of surface data which doesnt fit the CO2 belief, a proposition obtained by removing 2/3 of data stations and ‘adjusting’ others to create a so-called world data set which is not the whole truth. The reliable satellite data shows consistent cooling. The claim on ice melt is also false. World ice levels have been rising for years and arctic ice in particular is now rising. (see key presentations eg links at top of http://weatheraction.com/ ).

> There was no such cycle in CO2 levels or human production of CO2. This fact destroys the CO2 argument for which there never has been a shred of actual real-world evidence.

=> WeatherAction has consistenly challenged the CO2 warmists to produce any real data observed evidence for their CO2 driver theory of world temperature and climate and we are still waiting. Anyone who claims to have evidence please contact Piers Corbyn 07958713320, piers@weatherAction.com

=> The mini ice-age circulation now developing also involves longer term extra enhancement of the 60 year beat cycle.


3 thoughts on “Piers Corbyn – “The Mid-Atlantic ‘cold blob’ is a total defeat for CO2 warmist delusion and vindication of Solar-Lunar driven Wild Jet stream / Mini Ice Age conditions”

  1. APPEAL to the UN and all member states
    After the “warning” solar super-storms that hit Earth in 1859 (Carrington event), 1989 (Quebec blackout), 2003 & 2015 (Sweden blackouts), 2005 (GPS blackout) and our for nine hours near-miss annihilation by the July 2012 super-storm, that would have shattered power grids and thus blew up all nuclear (as NASA and many researchers have pointed),
    we ask all public and private sectors for a GLOBAL DRILL and disconnection of all transformers and devices from the electric grids, so that humanity will be ready, when the satellites alert in time for the next super-storm.

  2. @ Quote: “The UN-Pope-Obama CO2 shameless cabal”. You forget to mention the BBC. The BBC has been engaged in the so-called Green Media Training. On expense of the British taxpayers, of course.
    Today, December 7, 2015 (Azar 16, 1394 on the Iranian calendar: http://calcuworld.com/calendar-calculators/persian-calendar-converter/ there was a snowstorm in Tehran. Persian BBC reports about this:
    Snow and blizzard in many cities
    Snow and blizzards and a sharp drop in temperatures in the last two days in some parts of transportation problems and in some cases electricity and gas have been cut.
    Nasser Chrkhsaz, vice president of the Red Crescent Iranian Students News Agency said that the number of infected provinces to 20 provinces snow storm reached 50 thousand and 111 tons of relief services should be provided.
    He said that necessary services are provided to 26 injured and 23 people injured, 15 of them pregnant women and the sick and injured seven others were transferred to hospitals.
    Schools in some provinces in Iran, including Tehran, Tehran, Alborz, Qom, Kurdistan and Azerbaijan were closed Monday.
    Snow days also resulted in the cancellation or delay some flights from the airport in Tehran is high.
    Snow in a number of regions in Iran continues.
    Heavy snowfall overnight in Tehran citizens have created problems in traffic.
    According to the Meteorological Organization of Iran, Tehran snow in the afternoon today will be muted.
    One task, Director of Forecasting and Hshdarsry Mehr about the coldest parts of Iran Meteorological Organization in the past 24 hours, “said Fereydoun city of Isfahan and Kermanshah city with the lowest temperature of 17 degrees below zero with a temperature of 8 degrees below zero, the coldest capital in the last 24 hours were. ”


    This is headline news on Persian BBC. But on English BBC this is not the kind of news that people should be informed of during the Paris Climate Summit. So the BBC knows very well what is going on in Iran. They published it on Persian BBC, but people in Europe are not supposed to know this, and therefore they are lying by omission and withholding this news for the stupid Europeans, who rely on the BBC for their news.

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