Watch “Northern Hemi Jet Stream Crosses Equator & Potsdam Institute 100% Sure of Grand Solar Minimum” on YouTube

I’d been meaning yo write about the QBO and jetstream but no need. When you hear “unprecedented” bear this in mind:


Joe Bastardi wrote:

In 1975 (or 1976) we had a cold front ( from the south) cross the equator.  I remember people flipping out about that, the awe of it, not that it was some kind of magical sign of impending doom. In any case that is even more impressive to see a trough from the south push so much to deliver such an event.

Here is the article reference in the journal:

Here is the 1957 version:

Worst science of the year: “‘Unprecedented’: Scientists declare ‘global climate emergency’ after jet stream crosses equator”

The Berliner Kurier reports that the PIK scientists foresee a weakening of the sun’s activity over the coming years. “That means that conversely it is going to get colder. The scientists are speaking of a little ice age.”

According to the PIK scientists, the reduced solar activity will, however, not be able to stop the global warming and only brake the warming up to 2100 by 0.3°C.

– See more at: NoTricksZone


3 thoughts on “Watch “Northern Hemi Jet Stream Crosses Equator & Potsdam Institute 100% Sure of Grand Solar Minimum” on YouTube

  1. I suppose they just can’t help themselves from blurting out the nonsense that global warming will continue anyway. Last time I looked there were around 60 claimed explanations for the flat-lining temperatures before the El Nino turned up and short of the Karl et al fiddling to remove the ‘pause’ none has been proven by the supposed settled science. Who would put any faith in the idea that the planet will still warm during a solar minimum?

    • It’s also giving them an out when the divergence with the models becomes even more apparent…which should keep the ponzi scheme afloat for a few more years.

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