No Snow? More like No Soul

Apparently the Met Office are pushing a new report that, according to their latest totally accurate projections which are so much better than those they churned out over a decade ago.

suggests by the 2040s most of southern England could no longer see sub-zero days. By the 2060s only high ground and northern Scotland are still likely to experience such cold days.


It could mean the end of sledging, snowmen and snowball fights, says Dr Lizzie Kendon, a senior Met Office scientist who worked on the climate projections.

“We’re saying by the end of the century much of the lying snow will have disappeared entirely except over the highest ground,” she told Panorama.

Paul Homewood | Snow Could Become A Thing Of The Past–Now Where Did I Hear That Before?

The period of 1800-10 despite being in the Dalton Minimum was not renowned for snow, the period enshrined in Charles Dickens novels, equating Christmas with snow, came afterwards. Then as now making a prediction after a few snowless years on a small Island on the corner of a large ocean is foolish to say the least. Should the next decade have severe cold and snowy episodes then no doubt they’ll claim that was in the envelope of the forecast projection and was due to climate change anyway. We expect nothing less at this point from fanatics who have spent the past half century marvelling at the equations and ‘science’ of their polished turd.

To quote to the New York Times in 1972 regarding “Limits to Growth” this scientism is:

<blockquote>”best summarized … as a rediscovery of the oldest maxim of computer science: Garbage In, Garbage Out”</blockquote>

So let them repeat the same absurdities and lies of the past few decades because it has never been about climate but pushing an evil agenda that now casts itself as the Great Reset.

It’s the same agenda that globalists and corporatists have tried to shove down our throats for decades – it really doesn’t matter what the problem is; too wet, too dry, too cold, too hot, too many cows and termites not farting The Internationale to their satisfaction it all comes under the aegis of the dismantling of capitalism and sustainable development.

<blockquote>Once the emergency fully manifests itself, it will simply be too late to reverse the breakdown. As well as halting climate change and protecting nature, these efforts will improve health, livelihoods and equity and create more liveable and sustainable cities and rural communities. </blockquote>

What have we seen from these fanatics but ignorance of climate (unprecedented), omission, destruction of nature (kill it to save it), efforts to improve health being manifestly undermined by increasing energy poverty and toxic “green” solutions to a non problem; pushing green imperialism and racism whilst our cities are overpopulated by ignorant hipsters who think climate and nature are some goldilocks dream where unicorns fart and they can just huff it up because if we only throw a few more trillion to the scylla and charybdis NGOs and keep the corruption going then we can save the planet for the oligarchs, when the dystopian reality is they will also be serfs who own nothing in the technocratic plantation. The only emergency is our freedom and liberties being taken by the souless, the corrupt and their lemming hoards.“Those who sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither” Thomas Jefferson.

These people are insane and the Met Office by taking part and pushing this agenda are complicit.

It’s really not a good look.

Frankly it’s inhuman and when the lie is revealed, that they have supported and profited from corruption and fear and from the great big green money laundering scheme, well they may want to move to high ground rather than keep supporting those buying beach front properties.

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